Thursday, 19 May 2016

Makeup Looks for Awesome People Like You

How to make yourself presentable, or better yet, to have that professional look?
If you have to leave the house at 6.45am, you only wake up at 5.30am, how la to make up?
True indeed, ladies who want that boost of mood, as well as confidence at work should definitely take those few minutes every day to perk up.
In my line of work, simple makeup is necessary, kau taknak la student kau lari bila tgk dirimu yang macam mak lampir, kannn?
Take a look at these three makeup looks below.

The Simple Nude
Simplicity at work but still wants to have that fresh appearance, the simple nude no makeup look will be awesome. Swipe a nude shade of lipstick on and put just a slight hint of blush, you are set to go!  I would like to call this type of makeup as "feeling muda remaja yaww!"

Girly Pink

For the ladies who want to flaunt a feminine appearance at work, any pink lipstick shade will be the versatile choice. Flaunt the simple yet elegant makeup look at the office. Make sure you do not have too much makeup on. Remember girls, you are at work! Do not choose the striking colour lipstick when you are about to attend a meeting with the top management, nayaaaa!

Bold Red
Love, love, love this! If you want that extra mood booster, rock the bold red lips with a dramatic eye makeup look. Swipe that red bright lipstick on and do a cat eyeliner look. Wear this makeup look when you have a black, white or red outfit on to get that sophisticated aura. If possible, I would like this makeup for everyday! 

How I wish I wake up at 4.30am to flaunt myself and I wish it helps to motivate my students to score an A for my course, gituuu kauuu!


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