Monday, 11 April 2016


I dont care if you want to use negative way to educate your kids, by calling him/her names.
But dont do it to other children, they are not your kids and you dont understand how upset/depress the kid can be.
I knew someone who always make fun of some other people.
Her interest topic is of course the physical.
She once called a 9th year girl, si gemok.
Being an obedient girl, she always respond to that name.
It hurts me, as a parent, seeing things like this.

"Kalau ada orang panggil kau Tempang, kau cakap dengan dia jangan panggil kau Tempang lagi. Kalau dia panggil Tempang lagi, kau jangan jawab. Kalau dia panggil lagi, kau pegi dekat dia, kau tampar dia"- Melati Putih, 1984.



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