Wednesday, 25 December 2013

A Simple Birthday Celebration

All we did was 1) bought his birthday present a day earlier, and he chose his "surprise" birthday present, sonong kojo den walaupun Yaya always says "a birthday present must be a surprise or else it wouldn't be a birthday present", apakah kaitan aku pun taktau; 2) let him decide what to have for his dinner birthday and he chose to have it at any hotels; 3) Asked the waiteress to bring any chocolate cake with six candles.

No birthday song.
He blew off the candles, cut the cake and ate it.

He was really happy and we were showered with "thank yous" and kisses after he blew the candles, all the way home till bedtime. 

He said it's OK not to have a birthday party since all his friends are all in England.

Chehhhh! Masih lagi perasan British ye uols, walaupun slang dah jadik Manglish, hehehe.

To all of you who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas and Happy holidays. Kenang daku dlm turkey mu, gituewww!

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captainlukman said...

Happy birthday yaya!! Beruntung sungguh dapat sambut besday, iols never lah nak sambut Mmasa kecik dulu *boleg x jeles??*hehehehe

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