Monday, 14 October 2013

Silap Besar

Yaya: Mommy, help me to switch on the TV
Me: We are going out in few minutes. No need to watch the TV.
Yaya : Please mommy.
Me : I'm just too lazy to get up to switch it on and the remote is missing too. Why dont you just talk to me?
Yaya: Emm.. Okay.. (Take his seat next to me) Mommy, do you know that Two-face is not Batman's enemy? it's actually Robin's. Also... Blabla Batman.. Flashman BlaBla....

Mommy: (Pitam)

Menyesal invite borak khennnn


Irwandi Hipiny said...


AGAS said...

sah! emaknya tak tonton citer omputih.

Semalam saya tengok citer Tanda Putera di astro best kut. RM10 rasanya. Citer okay, cuma narativenya lemah

tifa anvar said...
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tifa anvar said...

samelh cm ank dare sya. Kene layan je ckp die smpai kadang tu x larat trlayan

AiTotYati Mat said...

hahahah yaya blh geng dengan uncle jek. uncle Jek pun layan batman

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