Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Yaya and England

Situation 1

Yaya: I want to stay in England, I dont want to go back to Malaysia.
Mom: Why?
Yaya: Because it's always summer in Malaysia, it's hot and it makes my nose bleeds. England has Spring, I like Spring.

Ketahuilah anakku, masa 10days in England, masa tu Summer tak jadik. 

Situation 2

Yaya: We have to go back to Malaysia this Friday.
Mom: Why?
Yaya: Remember you join the drawing competition, and you've got the scroll. You have to draw on it and send it to your teacher.
Mom: *gelak sampai sakit perut*. I've "won the competition", so I dont need to go back to England.
Yaya: You already draw something? What did you draw?
Mom: *gelak sampai sakit perut*.

Everytime we said we have to go to school, we always said we do counting and drawing at school, just like him. Dan ini adalah akibatnya.

Situation 3:

Yaya: I want to stay in England.
Mom: Why?
Yaya: Because in Malaysia, they dont have Tree Fu Tom and also the bear that we watched yesterday.
Dad: In England, they dont have Ryukendo.
Yaya: We can watch Ryukendo on the computer lahhh.

Budak ni pandai nak pusing niiiii.

Yaya siap mengigau ok sebab masa siang he kept chanting "dont want to go back to England". Skang dia dah stop ckp mcm tu sbb we promised we will go back to England in 800 days, so he has to make the countdown which he will totally forget, hehehe.

Anak pandai pusing, mak pak dia lagi la terer pusing, hehehe.

Muka org jet lag, masa ni dlm flight from KL to KCH.


Irfa said...

salam ramadhan ye ;)

Irfa said...
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blu4sky said...

yaya you want to go back to england..aunty also want to go back but still cannot coz i forgot to count..hahaha..

Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa DLL and family..

CS said...

Selamat berpuasa dan belated tahniah sbb dah dapat scroll *wink*

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