Thursday, 9 May 2013

Politicians are funneyhhhh..

I'm not into any party. But I looooovvveeeee the drama. And this is so funneyhhh.



Real Life in Malaysia said...

emmm tumpang gelak :)

Anonymous said...

i felt sorry for the one who post this viddy. its a shame for u to find this viddy funny. i found this viddy as pathetic uploaded by losers who cant accept the truth. why they think UMNO/BN always won big in every elections? it is because we the Melayu always stand by their side. not because of politik wang, bribes or what ever nonsense. u have to remember one thing, there would be no land for Malay after Malaysia. but if anything happens, india and chinese will always have place to go. (INDIA, SRI LANKA, BANGLADESH, CHINA, SINGAPORE) . AND yes, BN/UMNO will always lead Tanah Melayu as long as we the Melayu shall live!

DeLancrettLurpak said...

Thank you Wimpy Queen for your lengthy comment,

Wo wo wo, I'm sorry because I have "tickle" your patriotic spirit and that "tickle" somehow hurt you because you're such a wimpy and you're easily hurt aren't u? So, may we never crossed our path again because I don't like a wimpy person around me. Thank you.

DeLancrettLurpak said...

Hi RiLM,

lamaaaaa tak nampak :)

Real Life in Malaysia said...

... merenung BULAN, whilst EYEing the ROCKET, KERIS di tangan hehehe ... how's that? did i miss anyone? Oh yes ... sambil mengira BINTANG di langit :)

monstorious wife said...

hahaha...lawak gila.. Rajin sungguh la org yg edit tu.

putree said...

lol! memang lawak sangat :D

Mak Piah said...

line paling best goes to nih cadangan atau soklan???>>> Datuk Rais terbaik...LOL

I ma sure ada org suka Biadaaaaaaaaaaaapppp!!! lol.

Saya ketawa tak hengatnya.Tks.


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