Tuesday, 10 July 2012

and the Award Goes to.....


Saya menang award tauuu! Ni second time orang bagi award dkt dunia blogging ni, dah 3 tahun lebih ok hidup berblogging (ehem, lebih kurang masa saya didlm phd ni la kan, hahaha). Yang first award dulu tu, Ayu yang bagi. Almaklumlah, blog kitew biase-biase jewww (ini statement mintak puji, at some point silalah lempang), tq dear GengMesoratTingkap Dariagraphy.

What is your favourite dessert?
Depends on the mood, but I like anything that is not too sweet and/or cheesy and/or lemony minus cinnamon.

When you're upset, what do you do?
Well, when I'm upset, I have a few steps to follow. First, get emotional alone. Then, tell T-Bag or my emak. If I'm too upset, cry on T-Bag's shoulder. If not, save the tears during shower or before sleep (yes, I always do this especially when I finally at my own place after coming back from my parents house). Then, bring all the negative feeling to the shop and you know what to do next (*rolling my eyes*). Final step, think how to solve the problem that makes me upset. Sometimes, I skipped the crying phase and replace it with something convenience like eating, hahaha.

What was your favourite pet?
Me don't like pet, just because I have allergy to the fur or anything dusty. Fur does not make me sneezing like my-eyes-going-to-pop-out kinda sneeze, but it gives me a terrible headache.

What do you prefer to wear, black or white?
When I was in my early twenties, I was so small but so hitam, kahkahkah. So I rarely put anything white because you can really tell how dark my skin colour was. Then I grew bigger and bigger, so my skin expand, then taaa daaa, my skin now in grey section and when people asked me, how did you become cerah a little bit, my answer was "I used SK-II meh, got free facial, quite expensive but you only buy it once a year, so jimat, bla bla bla". But the truth is, I'm fat and my skin expand, that's it. So I guess I choose black. (this is how your write in your thesis?! die!)

What is your biggest fear?
Well, for now, it must be the fear of the final PhD oral exam call viva la vida loca (i'm kidding, viva la vida loca is the song that I'm listening right now). 

What is perfection to you?
Perfection is life with less problems and that includes no sickening friends and relatives, there I've said it, go tell orang kampung :p.

What is your attitude mostly?
I'm a grumpy person in the morning. But that grumpy mood subside eventually. I think I laugh a lot and sometimes I'm 140-characters-witty (perahsantan wey), if you got what I mean. I do talk with body and/or face gestures and if you know me, you can imagine how I'm talking to you right now. I rarely smile and I talk a lot when I want to, meaning that sometimes I rather be as quiet as a mouse.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Oh, I'm a woman with many things. I do appreciate good food and I mean it because I eat a lot (see the lelemaks la wey). I go crazy over handbags and shoes, macam korang taktau khenn? I enjoy going out with my loved ones and girlfriends (yes, it's a guilty pleasure because time like this you're supposed to be in front of the computer, typing the nonsense).  Accessories, expensive or cheap. Yes, it's a guilty pleasure, because I love buying it but I always forget to put it on.

I have my 5 seconds fame (macam lah kan), so now I would like to pass the award to 



Ayu said...

Tq!! Makcik ambik ye.. :P

DeLancrettLurpak said...


Sile sile nok! Hehehe

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