Sunday, 6 May 2012

Avocado Dessert

Daripada avocado tu tergolek je dalam fruit bowl, baiklah saya kerjakan ia. Avocado yg saya beli tu lebih besar sikit dari telur ayam. So I used two of them, put in a liquidiser, put half cup of milk and 1 tablespoon of sugar. But termanis la pulak. Next time I should put less than that lah kot. After dah blend, I put in a  nice dessert cup then letak dlm freezer. 20 minutes later, anakku makan eskrem cornetto, saya makan benda ni, nyumsss!! Eh, saya tak pernah lagi coba buat alpukat, will definitely try buat sebab masih ada lagi 2 avocados. Or should I use the avocados to make a bowl of salad to go with lamb chops? Hemmmm..


Hidayati said...

Kak memang suke makan avokado.

T said...

Avocado is great in mango smoothie, it can be used to sub the yogurt. It makes the smoothie very creamy. I like to eat them plain actually with just salt. But, it's one of those fruits with high calories, albeit all mono unsaturated fat. Like dark chocolates, if used moderately, it can be helpful for weight loss; use too much, you'll end up in the wrong direction :P

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