Saturday, 4 February 2012

Shit You Won't Hear in Tanah Airku

I found out about this clip from BlogSerius.

It's all true especially
the penis enlargement ads,
money generate ads (I loathe this!)
taking MC from doctors for no reason,
too many tolls,
the inconsiderate drivers,
join politic to server community? bluerrghhh!,
lousy customer services, I don't know, I listen to SinarFm (dah tua kata kauuuu)
pirate DVDs.

Shopping malls? I have no complaint
because I really loooveeeee shopping malls
Malaysia panas ok, tak kuasa aku nak melepak di bawah matahari sambil menghitamkan kulit yg dah mmg hitam ini, hehe.

One request, please open Metrojaya in Kuching. Pretty please.....


Mamma Olyn ♥ said...

hehe..i pon nak request lg byk dr u punya request.. nak mcd, nandos, tesco, jusco, metrojaya, ikea, abih lekeh sgt giant pon jadi lee.. iskk, cian kan org perelih:(

sarukman said...

sapa pun server?

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