Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Weekends: Sabryna's Birthday Party and More Makan

Sabryna's 5th birthday party was held in Hickory Dickory's Playhouse in King's Heath, Birmingham. We arrived in King's Heath around 12pm and we figured it's too early to go to the playhouse. So, we went to nearby KFC and had our lunch there. I tried KFC zinger ceasar salad, it was yummy! Next time, I'll definitely have it again and again. The first time I tried KFC salad was in Malaysia and it's totally horrible. Sebab the salad tak fresh, yucks!

1pm, we were already in the playhouse. The children were given an hour to play before the highlight of the event, the cake cutting and singing.  A total of 20 VVIPs were invited to this party, sapa lagi kalau tak all the kids. All of the children were playing at a place for children above 5's, yg kami kenal la except Yaya-Yayen. I was quite surprise to see Yaya-Yayen can play on his own. But every 10minutes, he stood near the gate, looking at me and to make sure I was looking at him. Half an hour later, Zigzig arrived and then joined Yaya-Yayen in under 5's area.

Yaya-Yayen gumbira dah ada kawan.

Then, the highlight of the event. I was not so sure, whether the children were singing or shouting the birthday song. Here's the birthday girl, Sabryna and her sister, Sofiya.

Their cousins, Nana and Aesha.

Yaya-Yayen and his good friend, ZigZig.

All children had a plate of hot food that they chose earlier. Yaya-Yayen had fish fingers with chips while Zigzig had vegetarian nuggets with chips. This was Yaya-Yayen showed me how to eat a bowl of vanilla ice-cream with sprinkles, he only ate the sprinkles and I was the one who eat all up, hehehe.

The staff cut the cake and packed it for the kids. Tu dalam tissue kat belakang tu utk all the kids la tu. The rest of it, we took home. The kids pun dpt a few things to bring home which includes a chocolate cupcake made by Liam (Mileen's labmate). Sedap lah the cupcake.

We went straight back to Ayu's house to lepak-lepak. Ayu and Ali started to bakar the satay at 4.30pm. Diorg tukang bakar, kami tukang masuk mulut, hehehe.

After upacara tengok org bakar satay, we were getting ready to next event which was upacara makan nasik beriani gam at Mileen's house. Oh perut ku penuh weyy, makan nasi beriani gam with ayam beriani and ketam masak tanpa nama. Sebab apa tanpa nama, I asked Mileen's mom, she just said no name but instead she told me what's the ingredients were. Sedappp!!! No pictures of nasi beriani and the side dishes, we were all busy eating. I brought chocolate cheese brownies and Ayu brought the satay.

Balik rumah Ayu after that, Ayu hidang lagi keropok, aiyyooo, perut penuh weyy!! The next morning tu I warned Ayu, not cook a heavy breakfast because we are going to have lunch at Dubai's Express. Lepas makan dkt situ, we said good bye to each other and we went straight back to Bristol. Hoih la, perut sgt penuh and I was sleeping all the way to Bristol until T-Bag berhenti at one of the services, I was asking for a frappucino to segarkan mata. Echeh, nak segarkan mata pun nak frappe, ngadas!

Anyway, still tak berani jump on the scale but the size seluar masih maintain. I'm now wearing size 12/medium. Baju and pants size L dah buleh simpan utk pakai masa pregnant, kihkihkih.

Tak sabar nak tunggu this coming weekend :)


kucingorengemok said...

baca liam, ingat gallagher

eh apa dah jadi ngan 2 beradik samseng liam & noel tu?

gedek! said...

Yaya-Yayen and Zig Zig macam twins

- GC - said...

lepas sy deliver, boleh la sy cerita pasal proses nak mendietkan diri plak kan.. hehe.. sama2 kita berdiet nnti..

Daddy Ziyyad said...

cool lah tempat bakar sate...hasilnya sama tak macam sate malaysia?

Nashays said...

nak tgk gepren yaya-yayen..

DeLancrettLurpak said...

seriously, saya tak pernah tgk citer itu.. kihkihkih

DeLancrettLurpak said...

diorg tu kalau jumpe, berkepit aje kejenye..hish!

DeLancrettLurpak said...

@- GC -
satu je petua diet, STRESS, hehehehhe

DeLancrettLurpak said...

@Daddy Ziyyad
itu yg pakai buang punye..kat sini sgt murah, senang nak bawak travel..
rasanya tentulah mcm di Malaysia, sedappp!!!

DeLancrettLurpak said...

gelpren yaya adalah omputih mata biru, cantek! kihkihkih.. walaupun yaya tak kata itu dia girlfren dia, tapi mak dia suka aje,kahkahkah!

Mamma Olyn ♥ said...

wow.. best2 makan2, yipeee, suka tgk yaya mamam eskremm, comel:)..

DeLancrettLurpak said...

@Mamma Olyn ♥
yaya makan eskrem versi nak cepat, sebab nak gi main, huh!

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