Sunday, 23 January 2011

Tinkerbell and Pished's Farewell Lunch

VUE has this slot called Kids AM screening on every Saturday and Sunday morning for a just a pound per ticket. Adults pay the same price and all adults must be accompanied by at least one child. But that price doesn't include the VAT. Basically, it's 1.70gbp per ticket.

We were just not sure if Yaya-Yayen can sit for more than an hour to watch a film. I fear that my kiddo might throws tantrum and disturbs other people fun time; my stomach churns whenever I think of that possibility. I myself really cannot tahan if other children started to screaming in closed place like that. Since the ticket is not that expensive, it's a good time to do a test for Yaya-Yayen. Plus, since it's for kids, people might be more considerate eh?  But we know, as soon as he shows some signs to make us experience embarrassment, we must leave the hall ASAP. This week they are showing Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue at 10.30am.

After having the roti john for breakfast, we're getting ready. We left home around 10.15am. Arrived there at 10.28am. Bought a big tub of sweet popcorn, a giant soft drink and nachos with pepper and cheese; it's one of the strategy to keep ourYaya-Yayen focus to the screen. It's a cheap ticket and what can you expect, a good seat in the middle of the hall? Na-ah. We sat at the second row from the screen. But, it's not that bad really. We enjoyed the movie. As for Yaya-Yayen, as long as we kept him focused to the screen (I need to say "look at that", "wowww", "a beautiful butterfly, innit?"so that he felt really interested to the movie) and kept passing him popcorn/nachos/drink, he was just fine. Brilliant! We will definitely go there again in two weeks time, because they will be showing Megamind, yippie yay yay!!! Note to self, be there at 10am!!!

T-Bag's friend, Pished will be leaving UK for good. He is now in writing phase, so he decided to do it in his home town, Bangkok. Plus, he must be missing his wife and son. We decided to have a lunch together at Nando's. So, after the movie, we picked Pished and Sudeep at Park street and straight go to Nando's, Longwell Green.

I ate one and a half slice roti john this morning plus most all of the nachos. So, a quarter chicken is a big no-no for me (normally I ate half of the chicken, ok!). I ordered a plate of chicken caesar salad.

I tell you, the salad was not that fresh, it's not that crunchy!! The best chicken caesar salad that I ever had were in Coffee Bean Sarawak Plaza and The Bing, Kuching. But nasib baik, the Nando's chicken strip was really nice and hot! I really like extra hot Nando's chicken, yummiehh!!

It's getting really chilly after that. So, we went home. At home, Yaya-Yayen watching tv, T-Bag watching football and me, typing this entry.



Ms.Lilies said...

ini kalo anak aku nampak mau dia berkicau kat aku siang malam ajak pi tgk

DeLancrettLurpak said...

K.Mimi: Kalau berkicau tak ape, sedap gak telinga mendengo, kalau dah mengaum, itu yg kita takut, hehehehhe

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