Saturday, 1 January 2011


Disudahi dgn Alhamdulillah. Bye - bye Twenty Ten.
Mulakan dgn Bismillah. Hello Twenty Eleven.
Mengada kan tulis in words, hahahaha.

Last year, my resolution was to be in a healthy weight range. I managed to shed off 6.2kg of pure lard in February last year, just 1.8kg shy of my ideal weight. I really thought that I could continue my healthy way of eating during our two-month vacation in Malaysia afterwards ... yeah right! I never hit the scale when we were in Malaysia, a classic case of self-denial there folks. The first thing I did when we finally settled in Bristol is to hit the scale. Guess what, I was nearly 68kg. I didn't begin my diet straight away, I was busy adjusting to the new routine and coping with my cousin's Angau symptoms, erghh!!! A very stressful period indeed, and for all that troubles ... I lost a kilo, yeay! If 5kg ok la gak, cheh!

 Next, it's Ramadhan time. Even though I can't match my last year's record, i.e., 5 kilos lost during the Holy month, I did okay, another 2 kilos lost, yippie yay yay!!! Alas, after penat berpuase, winter months pulak doh. I really don't like winter, why? Because during winter, I prefer to be in kitchen, don't ask me why.  Kalau ko duduk kitchen, all you do is reading, mmg tabik spring, but as for me, I found myself gobbling down food every time I lepak-ing in the kitchen. I was so afraid with the scale, scale-phobia kau! I buat-buat tak nampak je kalau I masuk toilet. But, I did weigh myself again in mid November. I was 65.4kg, suka lagi. When I crashed at Rozie's place, I remembered myself saying to Rozie, "eh tak naik sgt la berat akak winter ni". And I ate like there's no tomorrow and again, I buat nampak tak nampak je the scale. No more weighing session after that.

The last menu I cooked in 2010 is our family lunch :  Ayam masak kunyit, sambal ikan, stir fry gem lettuce and longan drink.

Twenty eleven, I'm going to be 30 years old in a few months time.
Tahun ni if possible nak wish birthday pada semua org yg lahir in 1981.
And it's time to weigh, to mark the start of a new year.

It's 67kg!!!
7kg to go!!!!

My second resolution is to really WRITE a paper. Hahahahaha. Seriously.
My last publication was in 2008. Yawn.

Last handbag in 2010. Farrah, dah sampai, weewiit.. hehehehe. Hopefully in 2011, paling banyak handbag dibeli equal to 1. Need to spend money on household appliances pulak.

Happy New Year.

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zarin said...

happy new year to you and family...
i ni kan tk pernah turun berat bila tiba ramadhan..laagi naik adala coz i will be the majlis perbandaran kat rumah ni :D
btw, i need to shed a few kilossss jugak in 2011 ni...hopefully berjaya hihi

DrSam said...

Food always become a scapegoat when dealing with diet. So far I have surrendered and enjoy the food as it is. Somehow my weight is maintained but my belly laterally is expanding :)

Have a wonderful year ahead!

Lady Arween said...

happy new year awak..semoga suksess..dipermudahkan pengajian..boleh saya tambah frenz list yg ada title "DOC". Owh ya..tahun 2011 nie saya pun masuk 3 series :)

DeLancrettLurpak said...

Zarin: itu lah kann.. kalau takde kita, asik la tong sampah tu kenyang..hihihi.. tapi i belaja masa Ramadhan, masak sikit aje... tapi banyak jenis.. sure abis!

Happy New Year Zarin!!!

DeLancrettLurpak said...

Dr Sam: I heard if a married man perut ke depan sedikit, itu tandanya bahagia.. :)

DeLancrettLurpak said...

LA: Happy New Year.. awak kena abiskan study next year tau!!

Mudahan abis cepat, tak sabar saya nak balik Malaysia, heheheh

aliaaroslan said...

teruk sungguh kes angau tersebut. meh la bayar aliaa tuk jaga yaya-yayen yang comel lagi boleh berdikari itu. hihi..

DeLancrettLurpak said...

Aliaa: Skang ni pun dah miskin GBP300++ per month, bayar yaya-yayen's nursery.. tapi nasib baik ada hasilnye iaitu budak itu dah banyak vocabs..

Budak sengal itu skang keja dkt nursery Putrajaya, scary tak?

Ms.Lilies said...

Aku pun nak shed of some kilos ni...
Ontah success ontahkan x....
Makan kemain sedap ha..
Sekilo pun berjanggut tunggu eh hahahaha

DeLancrettLurpak said...

K.Mimi: Kannnn, berchenta!!! Kalau jarum scale tu nak bergeak ke kanan, bukan main senang je.. kena join ibusinga HTN sepanjang tahun...

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