Monday, 6 December 2010

Winter is Not Good for Jalan-Jalan, Ok!

Our plan was to bring my parents for London tour on last Friday. Before I bought the Big Bus ticket, I checked Friday's weather forecast. According to the prediction, it's going to be a sunny day, so I bought the tickets. No, it was not a sunny day, in fact it was -4 degree plus a cloudy day and light snow shower during midday. Kite hanya merancang uols. There were a few must stop places I'd listed for the tour. We managed to go to Buckingham Palace to see the changing guards routine and that's it.

Us, from Rozie+Iza's house to Mile End station. Masa ni saya masih riang gumbira. Baju yg bulky (matikla taknak mengaku gemok!), I wore 4 layers of clothes ok!

We've waited for 20 minutes for the changing guards routine. Then we cannot tahan anymore, my toes felt numbed. So we walked to Horse Guards to catch the Big Bus. Lucky us, on our way, we could watched the guards marching towards the palace.

My two boys.

Since we missed the bus, we decided to have a quick coffee session at Frankie and Benny's near the bus stop. I had a hot chocolate, and it was so yum yum!!! T-Bag ordered a crab salad, surprisingly, it was so delicious, I always doubt "kesedapan" food with crab in it. This is me checking the map.

Took the bus and waited for Rozie at St Paul's. Despite the coldness and the light snow shower, Mrkamahkamah was sleeping soundly on my shoulder. Tukar-tukar bahu la dgn T-Bag kan, because this little kiddo weigh 15kg meh!

We walked to Tinseltown restaurant at Farringdon. Semua org gagahkan kaki despite the snow and kelicinan ice. Nasib baik food was sedap as usual kan. Then, after that we went straight back to Rozie's place. My mom was not feeling that well, lagipun she has slipped disc problem so kena double careful utk jalan on icy road. Agak rugi sebab the ticket for Big Bus was quite pricey, tapi takpe lah, both of them dah tak berapa larat. Kite org Malaysia mmg tak tahan dalam this kind of weather. Lain la org Europe or China yg dah biasa hidup dalam extreme weather. I saw this teenager wearing a pump shoe at Buckingham Palace. I was like shivering, kau boleh pakai flat shoes without socks? Ye kawan-kawan, snow itu cantek, tapi seksa you know! So, lupekan hasrat mu nak cuti-cuti winter.

We were supposed to visit Portobello market on the next day. Since my parents had not fully recovered from yesterday's trip, we cancelled the visit and we went to Malaysian Hall canteen for lunch instead.

After that, they went back to Rozie's place, while Rozie and me pergi buat aktiviti normal apabila berada di Kota London, hehehehe. They stucked in the traffic jam because there were a few demonstrations around London. So, they arrived at Rozie's 15minutes before I arrived, padahal I dah siap pi ukur New Bond Street and Regent Street tu. Huih, sesungguhnya tidak buleh drive di Kota London.

That night we sent my abah to Heathrow. I just knew that excess luggage for MAS costs 40gbp per kilo, phew!! Nasib baik abah tak kena charge apa-apa. The plane that brought my hero touch downed at KLIA around 10.45am here (6.45pm in Malaysia). Kejap aje 3 weeks, hemm. While he was on his way back to Melaka, we were in our way back to Bristol from East London. Thanks to Rozie and Izza for their hospitality :) Next time kami datang lagi yek (macam tak biasa, heheheh).



Faizal n Fashitah said...

Kamek mun winter2 kedak ya selain dari dudok kat umah, mek melepak kat bar or kopi shop jak. Mun nak bejalan2 kedak ya lam sejok ka.. adehh malas naa juak hehehe..

melissa said...

Dulu2 time saya kat sana, 2 titik aje snow tu. X dpt langsung nk buat ice kacang. skrg dgr kat news sampai boleh buat ice kacang jamu satu kampung hehe. tp kan kak, kat sana mmg x sejuk sgt despite snowing. maybe sebab x windy yg 40mph mcm kat sini?

Cik Lurpak said...

Faizal: Mun sik kerna ngembak parents kmk berjalan, sikda kmk berjalan koh.. bagus diam rumah, kak ya nanggat movie and minum hot chocolate nak o

Cik Lurpak said...

Farah: huiii, kau jgn Farah.. sejuk gile wehhh.. tahun ini sgt melampau tau dia punye temperature..

Rozie said...

kak fara, itu 5 tahun dulu daaa... skang uk (London esp) experiencing an extreme weather. summer yg sooo hot, winter yg sooooooo cold. kakak mimah, hr ini snow bersungguh2 jam 9pg di mile end tapi kt skolah clear. pelik kan?

Cik Lurpak said...

Rozie: huihh, mak akak dah tak tahan ni weh.. tadi dah call MAS, dah tukar ticket, hari jumaat ni baru confirm kot.. hehehe.. dia balik 9jan.. sempat la pegi wedding ko..

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