Saturday, 9 October 2010

US Advert: Abortion

A speech bubble coming from the worried-looking woman says: 'My mom's going to kill me.'
A similar speech bubble from the unborn baby says: 'My mom REALLY is going to KILL ME.'

This advert brings a message of where the girls can go to get help. The president of LifeCore, an organization who paid for the advert, says "No girl should have to go through this alone and they shouldn't have to have an abortion". Source is here.

If it's in Malaysia, it will be for a different case.
More cruel I guess.
Will it be like this?
Unborn baby: Guess where my mom will put me after she deliver me?

Confirm takkan ada iklan ni kat Malaysia. Bahaya!!!


Ribbon Clown said...

Klu ade like button kat entry ni, aku "like" kan dah hehe

Pity to those baby yg kena buang.. :( anything new yg related to babies, mmg aku skip nowadays.. leh nagis klu baca..latest one pasal baby mati sbb monyet..aku baca headline je dah pilu..

Cik Lurpak said...

A'ah sedih gile.. baru 4days kan that poor baby..

nanti ada masa aku tambah la button like tu.. hehehehe

afendi ariff said...

masa bln ramadhan ari tu byk kes buang bayi....dem!

Cik Lurpak said...

Afendi: pelik kan, syahdu aku baca pasal baby2 ni..

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