Thursday, 30 September 2010

My Wednesday

After a month not seeing my boss, I managed to drag my big lazy bum to Birmingham. Woke up and went straight to my second office to make ayam korma for T-Bag and Mrkamahkamah's lunch. After having a quick breakfast (yesterday's dinner leftover, fried noodle) and quick shower, I was ready to go. It was raining,the bus was 10 minutes late from the schedule and the road was quite congested at Totterdown. Arrived at Bristol Temple Meads at 9.45am. The queue at self service machine was quite long and I was really in a hurry. So kelam kabut and  I got into the train like 3 minutes before departure time. Guess what, I have the return ticket but I forgot to collect my return mandatory reservation ticket.Without that, I won't be able to board the train, kalau kantoi, nescaya kena fine, hergh! The minute I stepped my foot at University station, I ran like tak cukup tanah to see the ticket officer. The officer said there's nothing he can do about it and the advance ticket can not be refund, chisss!!! He suggested that I buy a new return ticket, there goes my 26.40gbp! 

Promised Mileen to have lunch at Staff House. Before that, went to the nearest toilet at Avanti Cafe and look what I found in the toilet. Classic eh? Berkurun dah tak jumpe toilet cenggini. 

Matikla kan, gambar jamban pun nak letak watermark! 

Then I waited for Mileen at the reception lounge. I read a free newspaper there and nasib baik ada nenek depan aku, kalau tak aku dah gelak macam shaiton baca newspaper itu. Hua hua hua, sungguh la pathetic kan, baca newspaper pun gelak macam ape, ada comic la dalam the newspaper.

Husband : Do you think the doctor could give me some pills to improve my SEX URGE?
Wife : No lad. He can only heal the sick. NOT RAISE THE DEAD! 

I really craved for cannelloni verdi with white sauce but they didn't serve that today. So I just had mushroom and stilton pie with veggies.

 It was quite nice but it kinda weird because at the end of the taste, it kinda a bit bitter. Was it because of the stilton? In case you're wondering, stilton is a type of English cheese, known for its characteristic strong smell. This is how it looks.

Anyway, the staff house turns really cool after its latest refurbishment. Ni yg suka nak dtg lagi ni. Teruja tau!

After lunch, I went straight to my lab and prepare things for my meeting. As usual, my meeting took only half an hour, not like other students, they normally have like an hour plus meeting. Mesti banyak benda yg discuss, jeles! However, Mike at last telah menunjukkan the finish line of my work as in kalau ko dah sampai sini and dah buat yg ini, it will be something novel. Ok fine! Malam ni buat, esok siap! Hehehe. Tetiba teringat when I was in UTM, I always said "relax la weh, kalau ko study kasik abis hari ni, ko nak study apa esok, kan dah satu hal nak pikir nak buat ape?"  Gile kan! Nasib baik abis ngaji.

After the meeting, I was ready to go home and then I noticed " hey, where is my flat screen monitor?" Someone took it obviously and he/she replaced it with this giant monitor, crap! Few months back, my USB dongle went missing. And so, I cannot use the computer because the USB dongle for my wireless keyboard and mouse weren't there. Huih, belajar ngaji tinggi2 pastu ambik hak org, buhngukss!!! Walaupun bukan la hak aku, tapi itu tanggungjawab aku sebab computer tu atas nama aku. Erghhhh!!!  

Again, it was raining outside. By the time I reached university station, I was soaked, great! The journey to Bristol was a so-so, because I sat next to this lady and she wasn't stop talking from Birmingham New Street station till we reached Bristol Temple Meads. She was talking with her friends who sat across the aisle and the main topic was marketing. Boring! But I managed to sleep for 20 minutes. 

Took a bus outside of Bristol Temple Meads to home. When I reached Bedminster, suddenly the bus stopped. There is a hill in Bedminster and the slope of the hill like almost 65%. The bus stopped in the middle of its way to climb the hill. Then bus driver said, "Unfortunately, you all have to walk to the nearest bus stop. I'll picked you guys there". I was like, "seriously, seriously?" Takkan la aku gemok sgt sampai bas takmoh jalan, oh sedih!  Takpe, ramai je aku tgk badan berisi dalam bas tu termasuk aku, hahahahha.

Arrived home around 6.15am. So glad that Mrkamahkamah is all good, the fever subsides. But the flu plus coughing are still there. Sebab penat gile, buleh la patik makan nasik. So patik makan nasik 2 senduk, yippiee!!! Lauk ayam korma dgn sambal tumis power!! Oh heaven! 

That is my Wednesday. Wednesday Pe'jah adalah nervous. Korang



Ribbon Clown said...

aku dah tak nervous dah hehe

wes, ko asik wat chicken korma je.. meh share sket recipe tuh..tingin plak nak wat.. ko nyer tekak aku leh pakai..kompem sedap.. hehe

Cik Lurpak said...

next time aku buat chicken korma, aku tepek sini eh.. hehehhe..anak aku suka la, tu pasal aku selalu buat.. hehehe

Huda said...

berapa jam perjalanan birm-bristol..ko kuar pg sampai pg then next day? uish sungguh mencabar..yaya p school everyday ke skrg?

Cik Lurpak said...

Bristol-bir, lebih kurang sejam 40 minute.. tapi kena campur la aku keluar rumah naik bas pegi train station adalah 2 jam lebih.. biasa aku tido semalam kat birm.. tapi hari tu yaya tak sehat.. yaya pegi school 2 hari setengah aje, tak mampu nak anto lebih dr tu.. kalau dia kat rumah, kami gilir2...

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