Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Life is...

...not that complicated. I challenged myself, in 15 minutes, what could I think of things that really matters in my life? This is what I have.

1)     Single/ Married
a)     Family (Mom, Dad and Siblings)
i)       Relationship
ii)     Responsibility
·         Visit
·         Help as much as you can

b)     Individual
i)       Health
·         medical check-up every year
·         immunisation
·         medical insurance
ii)     Looks (for your own self-esteem, you need this babe!)
·         Body figure –Spa, exercise
·         Face – facial treatment, make-up?
·         How you dress?
·         Kuku, tgk!!! Tangan, kasar?
iii)   Social  
·         Friends
o   hang out time?
o   how many close friends you have? -Ahli Mesyuarat Tingkap UNIMAS+UTM+UMT, Mileen, Ayu. er lagi?
o   best friends? Fiza, Chot, Rozie, er lagi?
o   the so-no-good-friends- a plan to get rid of them, now!
iv)   Leisure
·         Holiday – how often?
·         Hobbies– Blogging? Baking? Reading? How often?
·         Shopping – allocation per year? better yet, per month J
v)     Work
·         Short term target – A paper, maybe?
·         Medium target – Professorship?
·         Long term target – become PM?
·                     Back-up plan? Kipas boss?

vi)   Financial
·         Individual asset – A house? A car?
·         Investment – UT? ASB? (KA-CHINGG!!!)
·         Pension investment
vii) Rohaniah
·         Improvement – class tajwid?

2)     Married
i)       Husband
·         Batiniah – satisfaction? Improvement? Er, takkan la ada special class kott??
·         Combine Asset – A house? A car? Company (wah, matikla berangan!)
·         Health – medical insurance, immunisation program, medical check-up
·         Affection – after few years of marriage, how many percent left? Improvement!!! Honeymoon again mehhh...

ii)     Children
·         Health
o   medical insurance
o   immunisation program
o   medical check-up
·         Formal education – which school/college?
·         Education investment – ASD?How much per month?
·         Rohaniah – Kelas agama? Kelas mengaji? Boleh semayang ke idak?
·         Budi bahasa – “teach” as you go...
·         Extra – Swimming? Drum class? Taekwando?
·         Entertainment – how often?cinema? karaoke?
·         Relationship – how “open”?

iii)   Extended Family
·           Relationship
·           Responsibility
o   Visit, help

 Take things one at a time, everything will turns out good, Insya-ALLAH. 

p/s: ada lagi yg saya tertinggal? Sila bgtau yekk...



nottingham said...

quality time alone doing some reflection and chill. fuhhh, payah nak dapat tu!

Cik Lurpak said...

the only time yg saya boleh buat reflection and chill is masa pegi spa.. hehehe..reflection lah sgt, membuta jek lebih..hehehehhe

Rozie said...

ada tinggal...saya :p

Cik Lurpak said...

dah masok lahhhh.. dalam bahagian family... ok ok la.. letak dalam best friends aci tak???

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