Monday, 6 September 2010

K.O, Groceries and Tempoyak

We went to Birmingham to submit my overdue 18-month report to postgraduate office. On a normal day, it will take only 1 hour 45 minutes of driving from Bristol to Birmingham. We left our house around 1.30pm and guess what, we arrived at my school at 4.30pm. One hour trapped in a massive traffic jam, three cars involved in the accident. Biasalah org semua slow down nak tgk what happen, erghhh!!! Sudahnya, I passed my report to Mileen and asked her to submit to the office on Monday. 

Later that night, we have a simple iftar (karipap, murtabak and kuih bakor, chocolate smoothie and teh tarik, simple kata kau!) at Mileen's house and after solat Maghrib, we planned to have dinner at Shere Khan. Been craving for their cheese nan and lamb keema. Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed due to refurbishment work and their business starts back on coming tuesday. Hoih, sedih! Oodle Noodle and Nando's restaurant were on full house that night. The only option left was Kebabish Original. I had nan cheese and lamb keema as what I planned. T-Bag had pilau rice and K.O baby chicken, the chicken was marvellous! The nan cheese was so-so but the lamb keema was nice!

K.O Baby chicken pojaan hati T-Bag

On saturday, our programme was to do groceries shopping in Birmingham and have iftar with fellow Bristolians.  I was told by Kak Wan, chickens supply were not enough in Bristol, few days before Ramadhan this year. And so the shopping was meant for Eid. I bought 20 pairs of chicken legs because that was the maximum amount that I can keep in my freezer. Bought mutton and beef as well, senang kelija meh.

On our way back to Bristol, there was a traffic jam, again! We met a savvy.

Apa khabar savvy ku disana, tak sabar nak let go, because this car is damn too expensive to maintain, trust me!

I was too tired when I arrived at home. But I need to clean up the chickens and put 8 pieces each in a proper freezer bag. Senang nanti kan. And what I get after the clean up session, a headache. So, cancel the plan. T-Bag sms-ed Abg Sabri telling them we're not joining them because we're down with headache. Down pun dgn headache, I need to cook. T-Bag asked me to cook simple dish. So, I made mee hoon soup, fried the ready made vegetarian popiah and keropok lekor. We were so bloody knackered thus we forgot to eat this.

Durian. Bought at Wing Yip. 

When we woke up this morning, there was a not good smell coming out from the durian, but the smell wasn't that bad. T-bag opened it up and it tasted like sour-ish but sweet at the same time (I don't dare to fast today because of this killing headache). So, we decided to make tempoyak. Me being so modern (modern lah sgt) doesn't know how to make tenpoyak. Terpaksa la daku menelefon bonda di Jasin. Oh rupanya letak garam aje, hek eleh.

My mom told me not to eat the tempoyak now sebab takut lagi sakit kepala. So today I'm making a simple dish, roti canai and kari ayam. Save the energy to fight the headache. 

Hoih, sedapkan ikan patin gulai tempoyak? Tempoyak goreng? hehehehhe


somuffins said...

cik Lurpak
You pergi Birmingham?? I have a friend there. The wife buat PhD kat Uni. Birm. Hubby dia masa kat Msia was a dentist. Maybe u kenal?

Cik Lurpak said...

Somuffins: Saya mmg student Uni of Birm.. Turun sana at least once in 2 weeks.. Let me guess, Kak Diny and Dr Esmady eh?

somuffins said...

Yesss... hehe, betul betul betul..

Cik Lurpak said...

Somuffins: Oh ye ke.. kawan baik eh? Baru 2-3 minggu lepas jumpe kak diny dkt birthday anak member.. :)

somuffins said...

cik Lurpak
I know Doc Mady dulu barulah I kenal Doc Diny. Know them since 5 yrs ago. Diorang ada blog juga, hehe.

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