Thursday, 23 September 2010

Fitness Guide to Stay Young

I stumble upon on one article while looking for the best (read: cheap) jeans alteration in Bristol. Last year I bought a pair of jeans with 27gbp, super cheap eh? Then, I sent it to a tailor for alteration and guess what the tailor charged me 12gbp, pffttt!!! This time, my target is the alteration must be less than 9gbp or else just put all the jeans in the box and wait till we're back in Malaysia.

Anyhoo, about the article, it's about a fitness guide for women to stay young. I guess most of us were so busy (read: blogging, fb-ing, ebay-ing) that we forgot the most important thing in our life that has a direct effect on ageing process. Kalau korang tak kisah apasal korang beli product wrinkle la apa la kannnn. 

You can read the article here. It also provides your cardio plan, your strength needs and food to avoid as well good food for every stage in our life. I would like to share here for people in 20's.  Kasik la I feeling2 20's. Last year jek pun, next year dah masok beli 3 series.

In your 20s

Do take
·         VITAMIN C-RICH foods which give bounciness to your skin.
·         Iron-rich foods that will help fight tiredness and dark rings under your eyes.
Too much alcohol. Alcohol depletes your body of vitamins and minerals. It's also bad for your liver and ages the skin.
Stretch your muscles. As you age, less blood circulates to your joints and calcium deposits can form, leading to stiffer muscles and joints. Take up activities such as yoga and Pilates and you can carry it through to your fifties.
Your cardio plan
Aim to do 45 to 60 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity for four to six days a week. Longer workouts will help burn fat and build endurance.
Spend ten to 15 minutes alternating between activities such as the treadmill, bike or skipping. Now is also a good time to train for a sprint triathlon, 10k race or a half-marathon.
Your strength needs: 
Strength-train one or two days a week, doing two or three sets of each move. Always lift enough weight to struggle through your last three repetitions. If you can easily do 15 reps, gradually increase the amount of weight you're lifting.

Now let me ask you guys, how many of you do round of exercises, I mean from cardio, weight-train and what not? Terimalah hakikatnya rakyat Malaysia jarang bersenam.  Adakah sebab busy terlampau? Adakah sebab balik kerja pukul 5, lari-lari kambing ambik anak kat nursery, pastu singgah Nizam Trading utk beli taugeh, balik rumah, masak sambil basuh baju, mandikan anak-anak, makan, sidai baju, tgk buku anak2, pastu pengsan depan tv? Adakah? Susahkannnn... Tapi have you heard, if there's a will, there's a way? So, let's do a little bit of exercise for the sake of our children, mari!!!
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This picture has nothing to do with the article. But, have you ever experience this situation:

You were enjoying the whole scenery while you cycling. You cycled pass a group of men. Suddenly, one of them said "besar nye mon*** dia" as loud as he could and obviously, he was looking at you when you looked at him. There's no women around except you. There's a dog sleeping under a tree, takkan la mamat tu ckp dkt anjing tersebut. Hoh, sexual harrasment!


kucingorengemok said...

masih mencari senaman² yang disenaraikan di atas dalam bentuk 'boleh buat depan tv', hehe

Cik Lurpak said...

KOG: yg ni buleh buat depan tv.. sambil agah2 baby.. heheheh...

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