Monday, 13 September 2010

Crack Mirror ku, Crack Juga Pocketku!

We went to Swindon to check few stuffs at John Lewis Outlet (ehem ehem Tefal promotion at John Lewis Swindon outlet, spend more than gbp10, you've got a free Tefal England frying pan weehoo!!!). I wasn't keen on buy anything for myself because I think I have enough clothes and shoes. Though the shop that sells range of "bags-with-cutest-dog" was on sale, I said to myself enough is enough, hebatkan saya?. Ye lah tu, padahal the ultimate reason is sakit hati because a bag that T-Bag bought for me in June, THIS YEAR was more than 50% off, darn!!! The other reason is, hoi susahnya bawak budak umur 2 years 8 months shopping. When we were still in John Lewis, he asked for a bottle of milk. Normally he wouldn't asked for milk in day time and because of that I didn't bring his milk. I knew he were asking for milk because he was bored, dan saya rasa mmg anak saya minum susu sebab boring, ekhh!! So, tak sempat tour the whole John Lewis. T_Bag and me have been craving for mocha frappucino since Ramadhan so we stop by at Starbucks to have a quick lunch. Then, Mrkamahkamah saw a playground outside of Starbucks cafe. We promised him after he ate the panini and drink his juice, he can play at the playground. Sekali kau, dia taknak keluar dr playground, erggh!!! We spent almost half an hour duduk dkt kerusi in front of Gap shop to make him forget about the playground. Itu baru sikit, susah mau cerita meh. Sekarang baru tau, masa kecik2 dulu why our parents sgt jarang bawak jalan2 ke shopping complex especially kalau adik-beradiknya berderet2 and no wonder org suka beranak sikit-sikit sekarang, sebab senang nak gi Jusko, hahahahha. 

Few hours after that we decided to call it a day. Journey to home took nearly 70minutes and it was ok at the beginning. Then samdol mana pulak yg screw keretanya loose, terpelanting kena keretaku!!! At first the crack on the mirror was less than 30cm,  makin nak sampai rumah, makin panjang pulak cracknya. To make things worst, we can hear the mirror cracking, hoih, nervous!!! Alhamdulillah, we arrived home safely. Tomorrow T-Bag has to drive the stupid car to the workshop which obviously at the end of day will bring us  a bad news to our family account, erghh!!! But, its better to call Volvo and glass company to get their quotation first. Kang dah drive ke sana tak pasal-pasal harga yg diquote beratus lemon sterling, oh sedih.

Korang tengok ini crack, tengok, arghhhh!!!



DrSinga said...

berapa hatus hinggit tu????!!!!!

Cik Lurpak said...

ibusinga: huishh, 200++ sterling.. erghhh!! sila convert sendiri.. bankrupsi acik.. huh!

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