Wednesday, 15 September 2010

5th Raya

Today is 5th Raya. Whilst there is an engagement kenduri at my MIL's house in Kuching, here, it doesn't mean anything to us except that Mrkamahkamah went to nursery today and T-Bag went to Autoglass to fix the windscreen.

Mrkamahkamah ready to see Emily and friends.

Yesterday we brought him to nursery to introduce him to his key worker, Emily plus we have few documents to fill in. At first he was quite shy and refused to join Emily playing the toy vehicles. 20 minutes after that, all the shyness gone as he was making a cupcake using play-doh. Then, we just left him with Emily to play ball and ride a bike at the Sunshine playground. Today, I just spent less than 10 minutes with him in the Raindrop room. While he was getting ready for singing session, I quickly made myself out and went to parent's room to read Mini Shopaholic.

New addition in Shopaholic series. A must read to all Kinsella's fan. Lambat sikit aku baca kali ni because I read mostly before I go to bed. 

After one hour or so, Emily came to parent's room to get me. She said everything goes well and it's enough for today. I need to bring Mrkamahkamah again this coming Thursday to experience lunch in nursery. If everything turns good on Thursday, he will start his session in nursery on Tuesday from 9am-5pm. Hopefully he will be a good boy this Thursday because his mommy and daddy have a pile of works to do and the dateline is December, erghhh!!!

We had our dinner at Flavourz and my intention was to capture as many pictures as possible of food that I ate, but the minute I saw the buffet, camera tolak tepi sudah. Sekarang perut sudah penuh, mata sudah kuyu, sudah takda idea mau tulis and bye-bye papers. 

Ok all. Nite-nite.


mokjadeandell said...

salam syawal.
Shomeinya mrkamahkamah.Cik lurpak tentu gumbira.
Teringat makcik masa anak teruna masih kecik.

Salam dari makcik blogger dari utara

Cik Lurpak said...

Hi Mokjadeanddell..

syokkan anak2 dah besar... tapi mesti rindu zaman depa kecik2.. leh cium sukati.. hehehe..

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