Tuesday, 3 August 2010

My Tekak Feels Goooood!!

Even though it's still summer, there is no direct sunlight in London nor Bristol. It seems like England is  back to its normal gloomy weather,but my mind and my heart seems to move into a totally different way, it's summer in my heart babe!

We sent that normal-young-adult-but-acting-like-a-9-years-old to Stansted on Sunday. I accompanied her to Airasia counter to get her boarding pass and the queue was quite long. I took that chance to gave her a lecture, mostly about her attitude and just a little bit about her future because I just don't care. We managed to ask a lady to escort this girl to the boarding gate. I just to make sure that she was on a right plane and safely arrive in Malaysia with or without her belongings. She refused to buy a padlock because she said she wanted to use the wrapping service at Stansted. We told her the wrapping service is only available during office hours and she with her stubbornness flew back to Malaysia without padlock securing her bag. Taktau la apa jadik dgn all her belongings, all I know my things were safely arrived in my mom's hand (sebab bag aku yg kecik tu aku wrap siap2 dr rumah), phew!!!

The next day, we had our lunch at Farringdon Tinseltown. Oh heaven yo! Sebab rasa sedap jek telan, tak rasa macam makan sushi ari tu, rasa sendat jek anak tekak aku, sebab hati takda senang juga.
Banyak gile! Siap tapau 2 ketol lamb chops. The mashed potato, thumbs up!

Mrkamahkamah watching Beyonce's latest video clip while we enjoyed our lamb chops . Bahaya ini budak!

Nice number eh? We had travelled for about 16888 miles in 1 and a half year.

We still waiting for the nursery to contact us. Hopefully, we will get their response in this week.Kat sini kan nursery mana boleh main terjah-terjah. Meanwhile, we take turns to look out for Mrkamahkamah.  Life must goes on, right? Inilah namanye cobaan!

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