Monday, 26 July 2010

Our Little Garden

I still remember when my parents still working in Pekan, Pahang, they both love to bercucuk tanam. They bercucuk tanam every single afternoon after they came back from work and as well as during weekends. Months before Ramadhan, my abah planted sugarcanes, so that during Ramadhan he can sell his black and yellow sugarcanes to pakcik sugarcane stall in front of our rented house. Abah also planted lot of lemongrass around the house. Makcik sebelah rumah pun selalu jerit nak mintak beli serai banyak2 sebab dia jual satay and satay dia sedap! And did I help my father to dig holes or kemas2 daun2 tebu or buat2 rajin ambik serai yg makcik sebelah mintak? I did help, but once. Sebab daun tebu adalah tajam, dah la I ni hitam, pastu calar balar, kurang duit hantaran I tau!!

I'm really not into gardening at all. This is all new for me. I don't know how to change from little pot to big pot or whatever. All I know is I need chillies in my cooking and put spring onion on top of any dishes to make it looks like dishes in restaurant, cantek gituu!
Chillies!! I loike!

Spring onions.
Tomatoes. Macam hidup segan, mati pun tak mahu kann.. Thanks to these two makhluks.
 This was the second tomatoes, crushed to death. Erghh!!!

Our landlords are Mexican and they really love flowers tapi malang dapat tenant macam aku yg malas jaga kann...

Our front yard.
Our back yard. This was after T-Bag mowed the grass. Jgn tanya macamana rupanye before that.
Our garden mandur-in-charge's jeep tapi malang rumah adalah sekangkang kera.
After doing few things as an amateur gardener and Mrkamahkamah was all wet playing with cold water, we decided to call it a day. Masok dalam and had dinner, lontong with sambal kacang.
Ahhh, sedappp!!!


AngahSayang2314 said...

singgah sini & i follow uuuu

Budak Lurpak said...

hye! :-)

tq follow i.. tadi dah singgah blog u.. tapi tgh buat keje, nanti i singgah khatam entry u yek :P


DrSinga said...

yu tak follow ai pun...
(werdpress tak de follow memfollow...)
wahh...dah ada watermark laaaaa....

Budak Lurpak said...

ibusinga: hehehhe..dah lama la watermark tu ibusinga..

u follow i, u jump, i tgk je.. hehehhe

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