Thursday, 22 July 2010

Am I?

Me having these signs:
Tender and swollen breasts.
Frequent urination  
I feel like I'm pregnant.

FACT: I'm on implanon for almost one and a half year and they say, after 6 months our body is supposed to settle down on implanon.

Read in several health forums.
They say there is no point to do pregnancy test till the Implanon has been removed as it'll stay negative.
The synthetic hormones in the implanon are much stronger the then pregnancy hormone that pregnancy tests detect. Some of them went to see their GP claiming that they have stomach ache and request for ultrasound and pregnancy is confirmed.
Implanon fails if you happen to be very overweight and the hormone isn't strong enough, or if there was a problem with the insertion. 
I read here that women with a BMI higher than 35 kg/m2, the contraceptive effect of this implant may not last for three years. If this applies to you, your doctor may need to replace your implant earlier than every three years for continued contraception.

They say the chance of getting pregnant while on implanon is like 1/1000.
And the Clear Blue stick and the nurse did agree with the statistic.

Am I pregnant?


suhaila said...

eh ya ka??? berita gumbira tok ehhh..

afendi ariff said...

aku tunggu dr singa bg opinion!

Budak Lurpak said... lom agik.. kelak update agik.. hehehe

Budak Lurpak said...

afendi: ibusinga ckp hormon imbalance.. it's most unlikely to happen, kan ibusinga kan??

Lady of Leisure said...

kalau ada berita gumbira, i tumpang berbahagia...

Budak Lurpak said...

LL: Nanti saya update ye.. :)

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