Friday, 25 June 2010


Been busy with things lately. Feel nervous because August is just round the corner, yes baby, progress report need to be submitted in August. To deliver a convincing report, I need to complete the 3D Morphable Model (apa ko merepek haaa??). So, more coding my friend. Need to understand the theory and translate it into codes. No time to fool around. So nervous and at the same time need to deal with something stupid (which involves human!), then I got ulcers. Then, it become an irritating sore throat. This sore throat really makes me feel more nervous and tired as it had been one month la dey. My Along said it was stress induced sore throat. Indeed, the level of stress in my body is high. Since my GP cannot figure out what's wrong with me, she asked me to do a blood test. Next week, will go to see a nurse for blood test, wait for the result and go back and see my GP. Hmmpphh...And actually all I need right now is just ....... more time!!!

Hoi, sapa suruh bagi 3 tahun buat PhD?? Tak cukup la weyyyy!!! At least 4 years la dey, complete with viva and correction and all. Only one in a thousand can complete their studies in less than 2 years (oh don't google, I just made it up. Oh yeah, one of my boss did it! ).
 Oh, imagine that's me, in front of my pc, having a stress. Oh replace the blonde hair with black and malnutrition hair, I swear I will never visit any hairdresser here because it is super expensive. Add, maybe, 20-30kg to that woman body size. Plus the dark and dried skin  that I have. And instead of holding my head like that, my mouth is open wide and drooling. Because it is hurt to swallow my saliva now!!!

Can you imagine me stressed? Ugly eh??


chuasteph said...

all part of the package...more to come soon :-( but strive on...u can do it :-)

Budak Lurpak said...

yes babe! tak kire mcmana pun, need to strive on.. kalau tak masa balik nanti our boss kejar us with rotan!

Cik Kiah said...

Oh no progress report!!

Budak Lurpak said...

CK: Hehehe.. progress report kepada KPT adalah tidak menakutkan.. tapi kepada school, adalah super scaryy!! CK, kalau doc macam u, pastu ada phd, meaning doc kuasa dua la kan.. heheheh

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