Sunday, 27 June 2010

Movies About Food

I watched all these films and I loved them all.
I was drooling from the beginning of the movie till the end. And I still can remember macam terbau2 pulak chocolate when I was watching it padahal masa tu dkt dalam bilik asrama. Weird eh?
Beef bourguignon!!! After watching the movie, I googled for beef bourguignon recipe. I found the simplest recipe on the net and I tried cooking it. But the thing is T-Bag didn't like it. Tapi sedap wehh!!!
Can't remember exactly the dishes in the movie, maybe because it's cartoon kot. :)
T-Bag and me you-tubed this movie last night.It was hilarious, you know lah kan Stephen Chow punye movie. Seriously, the sorrowful rice looked nice. Need to use chicken instead lah kan. And true, biasanya the simplest dish la yg paling sedap.

One more thing kan, if I watched any hindi or tamil movie and then biasanya they show part diorg makan guna tangan, dgn lauk nasi and kari and whatever, I tetiba akan berselera.. dan-dan tu juge nak makan kari. Oh I missed nasi kandar!! "Mamak, campur semua kuah, letak kambing kari, sotong goreng tepung dan sayur kobis goreng", walaweiii!!!!Pengsan kejap ...............Mantap!!!!

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