Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Chicken Rice Emileen Style

This is the easiest menu ever. It took 45 minutes to cook it, but you need to defrost the chicken beforehand lah kan.

Chicken, rice, butter, ghee butter, ginger, garlic, shallots, star anise, cinnamon, red chillies, tomatoes, kicap habhal, honey, oyster sauce, sugar, salt,chicken cube.


1) Blend  few shallots, garlic and ginger. Boil the chicken with blended ingredients till it's cooked
2) Once the chicken is cooked, take it out and put in a big bowl. Marinate the chicken with kicap habhal, oyster sauce and honey for at least 15 minutes. Don't throw the chicken stock, we need it for rice and the soup.
3) Wash rice and put aside. 
4) In a pan, add butter and ghee butter. Once the butter melt, add cinnamon, star anise, half of chicken cube and salt. Then, put a few cups of chicken stock. Wait till it boil again. Then put all in rice cooker together with the washed rice. Don't forget to press "cook". Kalau tak sampai esok pagi tak masak.
5)For the soup. Boil again the remaining chicken stock, add salt and half of chicken cube.
6) Deep fried the marinated chicken. Jangan lama sgt, 5mins pun kire lama.
7) For red sauce, blend two red chillies, one garlic, tomatoes, salt and sugar. 
8) For black sauce, blend 10 birds eye chillies (depends on tahap pedas korang), one garlic and sugar. Put the blended ingredient in a bowl and add in kicap habhal. Done.

Credit to Puan Emileen. Sapa2 yg malas masak mcm aku, sile copy recipe ini.. heheheh

At 12pm, only 4 chicken pieces left for me. Yang lain abis kena belasah. I only ate 2 because the other two is Mrkamahkamah's dinner. Aku malas masak lagi.

Chicken rice's pic is kinda blur. Because I used my new second hand handphone camera (Ko paham maksud aku, new second hand?). Huduhs!
I still have my N82 but the handphone module adalah gila. I sent it to Nokia back in Malaysia, and sambil sengih2 adik receptionist Nokia tu kata, RM350++ to install new module and it takes 2 months to be ready. Aje gile. Tak payah.

I had a point and shoot camera back in 2008. Tapi malang, perampok durjana took it (ko budget gambo ko cantek la guna kamera curi!!). Since then, I really depend on my N82.

Hemm, since BB nye camera is not that canggih and I have no intention to buy a new point and shoot camera. So, I think, I'll use N82 as my camera.Weird pun weird la, tapi birthday lagi 5 months kan, wink wink. Tapi baru dpt paper bag radley. Alaaaa!!!


DrSinga said...

Bang Badang??

Budak Lurpak said...

BB itu merujuk kepada buah berry hitam wahai ibusinga.. hehehhe .. kalu refer ke Bang Badang, mengamuk kak gerau kangggg...

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