Friday, 14 May 2010


I'm not talking about that toy.
This is about the 'yo-yo' effect in dieters.
It happens when you're on a restrictive diet (high protein, no carbs, etc) 
and no action taken to maintain the weight.

"After completing the diet, the dieter is likely to experience the body's famine response, leading to rapid weight gain of only fat (Darn!). This is a dangerous fat-cycle that changes the body's fat to muscle ratio, one of the more important factors in health. One study in rats (Oh, I hope you're not right, you rats!) showed those made to yo-yo diet were more efficient at gaining weight" (Ms. Wiki, 2010)

Currently, I'm at the repeat stage.
66kg, 7 kgs to the reach normal BMI and I'm tired to start the diet routine again.
But, I know, I have too.
Insaf setelah tgk grey's anatomy season 6, episode 21 (How insensitive).

Need to bear this in mind.

A better diet would be one that is intelligent, well-balanced, and is less restrictive and better adjusted to your dietary habits [LeDiet, 2010]
- You will immediately feel more comfortable, without the feeling of hunger.[
- You will maintain and improve your health and your vitality.
- You will maintain your social life -->[jgn riak dan takbur, ok!]
- You will learn how to eat more healthily.-->[jgn ko pegi belasah double chocolate gateau GBP1 dkt ASDA!]
- You will avoid putting back on weight that you have lost.

When you know you achieved those five things, you know that you have find a good diet regime and bravo!
 Good luck to me.


Siti Fatimah said...


aku dh bc byk kali about your dieting routine. dn aku ase mcm ko ni terlalu piki sgt. mcm about the carbs the high protein etc. i mean. at out age, we shud enjoy life rather than having a complicated one...

i knw u wud say, easy for me to say sumthing like that...ehehe

tp aku pn gemuk gk. aku pn gain weight every now n then....

aku tau seksa tak mkn nasik.. wpn 2 3 hari je tak mkn..ehek ehek.. i mean..tgk kau....smpai mkn nasik sesudu je...

pd aku diet is essential, but lets not over do it...

mcm aku mudah je. pg mkn berat. tghari ringan. mlm tak yah mkn tros. patu nk cpt kurus lg, dpt anak no2. wakakaka. sbb aku slalunya mlm mmg tak smpt mkn...

tp skg ni dh smpat plak sejak citer adamaya nih..ekekeke..

tp stakat ni still in control la weight aku ase diet regime aku tak teruk kot. cm ko ckp jgk kn..yoyo teori tuh...

aku ase peringkat umo skg, aku nk mkn puas2 apa2 sj aku nk mkn. tp berpada2 la. sugar intake. mgkin aku tak byk masalah, sbb aku tak suka minum manis2 sgt, and aku tak amik karbonated drink regularly. i think so.... tp aku amik jgk kdg3....

aku ase, blom time lg utk kita puasa mkn suma2 tu. tp jgn la mkn byk2..

kesimpulannya, enjoy our life, while we not overdoing anything..we do it, but dont cross the border...itu je..

heh ckp senang kn?

but mimah..aku ase ko ok lg compare tu others yg lg gemuk tau...

just cheer up lady....or go to some spa ke apa ke...but dont strict ur diet too all the food ko mention tuh...oh no..too early to say no to them...esp RICE!

chuasteph said...

hey, whr did you watch grey's season 6?

Budak Lurpak said...

thanks siti :)

hahaha, tiong asked me the same thing last year..steph, try sidereel.. semua tv series ada dkt situ

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