Wednesday, 5 May 2010

It's Our Loss

 Around 11-ish, she started ym-ing or gtalk-ing us, asking who wants to go lunch with her.
She doesn't eat green vegetables.
She has a good PR plus great at her works.
She knows almost everything.
She was one of our big bosses but we never felt afraid to tell her everything.
Two drinks per meal is normal for her.
She eat a lot of rice, I mean a lottttt but she will never cross the 60 line.
Once in a month, she was off to Skudai to be with her Azmi.
But now, she is finally settled in Skudai with little Izz, Abam Iman and Azmi.
We know that when we come back, we (Poja and me) will feel awkward and sad.
Because there will be no Sharin around. 
But we are extremely happy for her.
K.Sharin, good luck and all the best.

Poja's birthday, tapi birthday girl lak puasa...

Our first karaoke session
Eid-fitr 2008 at my MIL's.
Ahli Mesyuarat Tingkap yang tidak cukup korum.
K.Sharin, please don't forget all the good moments with us.


sharin said...


rindu nye kat korang!!!
isnin ni baru masuk keja, tapi dah terpikir dah, nak gi lunch ngn sape???
(silap2 nnt, saya ym/gtalk budak2 kat unimas...) hehehe

Budak Lurpak said...

isk..lunch dkt mana weh? mak jah? hehehe

Susie said...

aiya, susie jealous lar..tak ada gambar saya dgn sharin lar :D ... sharin, i miss you too ~~~

Budak Lurpak said...

Susie, nanti you balik malaysia, u pegi je utm skudai utk ambik gambar dgn sharin..heheh

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