Saturday, 3 April 2010

Sarawak Cultural Village

My fourth time visiting one of the famous attractions in Kuching on Good Friday holiday. Last few years, the tourists were charged RM60 per person for a one-day pass and RM10 for local people. But now, RM25 for local and I heard RM80 for a tourist. Erk! So expensive meh? I buat lupa2 bawak IC and just said that I'm married to Sarawakian, so they charged me RM25, phewww!
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My MIL never had a chance to visit this place and that's why the visit was arranged. But I had another mission, to buy the traditional kuihs that were cooked then and there in Malay and Orang Ulu longhouse.

While waiting for T-Bag to pick us up , we had our lunch in one of the cafes. Guess what I had? 
Nasi Ayam Penyet.
I really liked the sambal belacan, but I wanted more ulam!and please served fresh ulam!

After his friday prayer, T-Bag ordered this.
Plain rice with manok pansoh, chicken soup and stir fry chai sim.
Yummy! FYI, not all cafes/restaurants serve manok pansoh. This is the third cafe that I knew served this traditional delicacy. To ibusinga, dah try lom lauk ni? Kalau dtg sini, kite banjer makan mee kolok depan waterfront, meh le dtg sini.. 

Manok Pansoh
One of the best known Iban dishes is manok pansoh (ayam pansuh). Chicken pieces are cut and stuffed into the bambo together with other ingredients like mushrooms, lemongrass, tapioca leaves etc and cooked over an open fire - similar to the way lemang is cooked. This natural way of cooking seals in the flavours and produces astonishingly tender chicken with a gravy perfumed with lemongrass and bamboo.


DrSinga said...

ayam pansoh belum try...
ayam penyet dah...taksukataksukataksuka....

melovesfood said...

part mana ayam penyet yg ibusinga tak s?uke? ayamnye? sambalnye?

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