Thursday, 8 April 2010

Mango Tree Restaurant

My favourite spot to enjoy Tom Yam Goong and glutinous rice with mango as the dessert. Since my in laws have a low level of ketahanan pedas, we had to order mild tom yam goong. The result: lagi sedap tom yam yang my good friend, Ayu masak, seriously!

The steam rice. I'm not sure what type of rice they served. But enak dimakan begitu saja.

Kailan in Soy Sauce. Superb!
Double Superb went to Sweet Sour Garoupa.
The glutinous rice and mango was not available that night. So for dessert, I ordered this, black glutinous rice with yam pudding. Yummy!
The address:  
Jalan Crookshank, Kuching.
Open 11am - 2pm,  6pm - 11pm.

We once organized our faculty party here. Even though the place is quite small, can only accommodate up to 150 people at one time, the service is good. This restaurant is located in a very quiet place, I shall also say scary. At the end of the road, there is a building that was once a hostel for trainee nurse and people say it was haunted. So, if you're planning to have Jalan Jalan Carik Makan and then Hantu, you can always go to this place. Recommended!


kucingorengemok said...

crookshank? bukan ke nama kucing hermione tu??

sarukman said...

it was haunted, dah sik mengutik gik lah. past tense, :P

melovesfood said...

KOG: agaknya JK Rowling makan kat situ kot, terus buh nama crookshank heheh

Sarukman: aok bah..malaskuuuuuu

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