Friday, 9 April 2010

Homemade Chang

Oh, not the other Chang!
It's one type of Chinese kueh.
Some people used daun buluh.
Some people used big pandan leaves.
Since we're out of those leaves, we used daun palas.
Upps, wrong angle! I should show the part with isi ayam and boiled peanuts.
You can find the recipe here.
Oh we stands for my mother in law. 
I was sleeping while she was busy in the kitchen. Buruk perangai!


afendi ariff said...

mcm ketupat palas je?

DrSinga said...

lepas tu...makan camtu je ke...ada dgn eksesori2 lain??

melovesfood said...

Afendi: a'ah, macam ketupat palas.. tapi ada isi ayam and kacang.. kalau kat kedai cina, yg bungkus dgn daun pandan pastu ada ikat dgn talia rafia.. tapi tak le nak makan kan..

Ibusinga: a'ah.. mcm gitu je.. kalau ibusinga cicah sos, mmg kagum la.. hehehe

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