Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Oh I Love Buntal!

Our seafood dinner at Lim Hock Ann Seafood restaurant in Buntal.
Our must order menu, midin belacan arrived first and then came buttered prawns. Sampai je midin, semua org bangun angkat chopsticks cekup ke dalam pinggan midin belacan, aku tgk macam nak gaul yee sang pun ada gak. Buttered prawns was not that yummy compared to the one that we had in Umbai but here,  the prawns were big.

Another favourite menu, ambal kari. Ini adalah sesenduk yg terakhir. I managed to tahan the pinggan before my nephew finished it. Sungguh susah nak ambik gambau makanan kalu makan seafood, sebab semua org mcm piranha.
Then we had, seacucumber soup. It was not that yummy compared to Ah Seng's topspot version.
Next, sweet sour fish.
Been craving for this one almost a year, but the taste was not that OK because it was not that hot. Agaknye die tgk bebudak ramai kot.
This was me tgh tension dgn Mrkamahkamah. He asked me to stop eating and bring him jalan2, jangan harap ok!
6 adults, 5 kids and lots of drinks = RM293. I think the price is ok but next time do not order buttered prawns. I noticed on the way back that they sold buttered prawns at RM60 per kilo (written on a whiteboard), cisss!!
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