Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Linut and Tempoyak Goreng, I like!

The so not jadi linut, berketul-ketul.We were supposed to stir the flour with water quickly with wooden spatula on the hob, I guess our chef was not that quick. Since we didn't have the lamantak flour, we used sago flour. I'm not so sure about the difference between the lamantak flour and sago flour, all I know is both have the same taste. Had it with sambal belacan asam payak, pedas macam nak tercabut lidah.

I guess all Sarawakians love this dish, Tempoyak goreng. My MIL added some buah pelajo and achovies. The white thing like cashew nut in the tempoyak goreng are the buah pelajo. Sedaappppp!! The tempoyak goreng always make me tambah 2-3 senduk nasi. Habissslaaaaa!!!

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