Sunday, 7 March 2010

Dubai:A Short Visit

I have been meaning to post this entry since I arrived from Dubai, but too busy with catching up gossips with my mom and SILs. We arrived at 2am in Dubai. No problems with visa at all since Malaysians are granted with one month visa upon arrival in Dubai. The only problem was, I hate dealing with officers (be it immigration or airport security officers) who do not know how to smile or give any kind of good remark to other people. Or  is it people from Asia Barat mmg mcm gitu

Took a ride on Dubai Metro from our hotel to Dubai Mall. I think the size of Dubai Metro is slightly bigger than LRT Star and  the station is way more cleaner and modern compared to any LRT station in Malaysia. We arrived in Dubai Mall at 1.30pm and we were really famished. At first we decided to have lunch at any Arab restaurant but our stomach didn't agree with us, malas nak carik weh. So, straight went to TGIF's (jauh2 ko dtg, makan gak kat kedai yg bersepah kat malaysia ye). 
 The tasteless lamb shank, but the mashed potato was great! Mrkamahakamah's chicken strips was far more delicious than our lamb shank.
The shake, but I prefer my shirley temple more.

To my surprise, the TGIF's price in Dubai is really expensive than in Malaysia. Two set of lamb shanks, one plate of chicken strips for Mrkamahkamah, half portion of chicken fajita's nachos, one shake and one shirley temple had cost me AED225.  Seriously expensive! 

We managed to visit the Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. And lucky us, nothing happened during our tour. I was ready to grab Mrkamahkamah and run if suddenly the tunnel wall cracked.
We didn't buy anything from Dubai Mall. It's so hard to shop when Dirham is sort of equivalent to Ringgit. My feet hurt after the eating, strolling and (window) shopping session. So, I went for a feet massage while T-Bag waited for me. Guess what, it cost me AED100 for a 20-minutes feet massage. Errkk!! We can get a full body massage in Malaysia with RM100! 

Then, we watched the fountain show near Dubai Mall.  It was really a great show.

In the middle of the show, I noticed a famous person watching the fountain show with her friends. It was Brandy, "Almost Doesn't Count" singer. Dengan kejakunan yg terserlah, aku pun gi amek le gambo dgn dia. My professional photographer was too nervous,
the result is a shaky picture. hemmm!!

While waiting for our flight to Kuala Lumpur scheduled at 3am, we had our late supper at McDonald's. We ordered one Big Mac value meal, two chocolate sundaes and one apple pie, guess the price that I paid? It's AED56. Whatttt!!!!

The airport security officers in Dubai really need to learn how to treat people professionally. I hate when people called me by snapping his fingers. I knew the officers were tired, but that was not a reason to yell at people. They didn't yell at me. But they yelled at few people who I believed worked in Dubai as coolie. The officers acted like they were superior to other people. Not that it happened only in Dubai. There are several officers in Senai airport need to attend the customer service class. Ko ingat org yg bukan warganegara Malaysia, ko boleh herdik2 mcm dia adik ko? Cube org buat ko mcm tu, apa ko rasa?

Overall, it was a fun trip to Dubai minus the tiredness. Dubai is a cool city with futuristic features but it is not a good place to shop. Maybe next time I will spend few days visiting other Dubai's attractions and finding a bargain place to shop.  Kali ni takde hasil mahsul from Dubai, cissss!!!


sarukman said...

cameraman tgh mime "not yours, but mine, not yours, but mine", tu kut akibatnya tgn tak stabil waktu snap gambar, kui kui

melovesfood said...

ooo patutle.. sib baik awak tak nyanyi kuat2..confirm hujan dubai yg kering ituuu

chuasteph said...

quite nice fun though, the fountain and aquarium.

melovesfood said...

I really like the fountain.. you should visit Dubai la steph.. next time I will go for safari ride..

afendi ariff said...

nervous psl apa tu?

DrSinga said...

errr....Brandy tu sapa????
heh heh heh...
laaagi jakunnnn...
jap...nak u tube...
cameraman tu gigil nengok apa ek???!!

melovesfood said...

afendi and ibusinga: cameraman tu nervous nengok sexy sgt si brandy.. hehehe.. ibusinga, brandy tu dah tak famous dahh..

日月神教-任我行 said...


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