Wednesday, 3 March 2010


[Scheduled entry]
By the time you reading this entry, I'll be on a plane to Dubai. Meaning I'm officially on a holiday. Yeah, right. I have tonnes to do during this so-called holiday: process the rest of data, complete the 3D Morphable Model and if possible, do the rendering and fitting algorithm. Darn! How I wish I have a genie to help me with all those tasks.

7 hours in a plane with a two year old boy, can you imagine how hectic can it be? I hope Emirates will provide us with stuffs like drawing book or whatever games for my kid. This is my first time flying with Emirates. I heard they serve an arab's size of food portion which means, large. Hopefully, not like this one.
Kenyang sampai sebulan, ok!

We'll be staying in Dubai for one day, just for the sake of visiting the largest mall in the world, Dubai Mall (eh, kata kaki shopping, mesti le dtg usha kan?). Really hope that we can visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo in Dubai Mall. The media reported that one of the walls of the giant 2.6 million gallon "indoor ocean" tank cracked. Alahh, masa aku nak dtg le ko nak crack kan? Hampeh!


chuasteph said...

best nyer :-)

kucingorengemok said...

cita² saya adalah makan nasi sebegini rupa :)

Ribbon Clown said...

ha ha @ crack!

Belikan aku kain2 dubai 4 meter k! ;p

afendi ariff said...

burj khalifa pun dah tutup eh?

DrSinga said...

koling2 kita if ada kat kl wehhh...

melovesfood said...

steph: ape lagi steph, ryanair kan ada..heheheh

KOG: kalau le dpt makan cenggitu kan?

pe'jah: aku berjaya masuk aa..die dah selotep crack tu.. mahal gile kain dubai wehhh

afendi: dgr kata dah tutup.. kami idok le pegi melawat ..

ibusinga: insya-ALLAH.. :))

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