Thursday, 18 February 2010

So Random and I'm Tired

I am a type of person who really remember faces and names. I once taught a so-called "killer subject" (how come Introductory Statistics is a killer subject??). There was one time, more than half in my class were the repeaters. For those who repeat more than one time, I even can remember their matrix number and full name!

Our ex-student died in a car accident in Terengganu. The moment I read the news in an online tabloid, I knew it was her even at first, the tabloid didn't put up her picture (She was not one of the repeaters, but I still remembered her name because it's unique). Al-fatihah to aruah. Aruah was not so close to me but this shocking news really makes me feel weird and I don't know why. Maybe because I once knew her. I heard that she was scheduled to attend her convocation on this coming August (forgive me if I'm wrong). Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat, Amin!


We had a smoked haddock for lunch few days ago.
The spotlight was not on the smoked haddock, but the white gravy.
The chef(s) in Staff House really know how to make a good sauce to go with pasta and fish.
 Looks yummy eh? Believe me, it was!


Went to Queen Anne factory outlet and Boundary Mills. I can't believe myself because lately, I'm really into the China and tableware. Before I came here, I never heard terms like Royal Doulton, Royal Albert (eh Siti nyanyi kat sini lah kan.. i lap u Siti!), Port Merion and Noritake. Maybe I'm in the late 20's or maybe the price here is unbelievable cheap than in Malaysia.

Oh, pyrex pyroflam!!

I want the Noritake set!! GBP299 for 50 pieces of Buckingham platinum set.  The original price was nearly GBP900++. It was on more than a 50% discount,  I say, whatt!!!

Please take away my credit and debit card away.
 And all the notes as well. Just leave me with GBP5.
Please. I insist.


The final week. My supervisor needs to organize my 9-month viva voce next week.The code is not completely ready (they don't want to check whether I forgot to put semicolon or not in my codes!!) but I just need to prepare for the interview with the internal examiner (he is a professor, should I be worried or not?). I heard they just want to know the direction of my research. Oh I don't know that. All I know is the direction to Umbai, Melaka or Buntal,Kuching eh?

Anyway, wish me luck. If I success with flying colours (eh boleh bind thesis terus ke??), I definitely will have a blast 2-months holiday! woot woot!!

So, my friend, I now declare, tomorrow is the reading day!


This is what happen, if you write something at 1am. So random.


Anonymous said...

woo hooo....
good luck!!!
lama dah tak trauma sitting for exams...
noritake wehhh...rugi tak beli!!
pssst;kita beli kat kilang kat Ireland..sangat2 murah..sangat2 banyak beli..kucing kita pun makan guna noritake ..keji kerek...(noritake yg retak ler...)
komen soo random...nak balik rumah daaaa...

melovesfood said...

ibusinga: murah ke kat ireland.. ish ish.. ni kena pi tgk ni.. tapi, agak2 dah nak balik for good, baru la nak beli kot.. kang kalu dah start beli, nak beli lagi dan lagi..heheheh

kucingorengemok said...

buat kita rasa nak beli tutup pyrex je (tutup je sbb kita punya dah kopak)... kat jusco sebijik rm50 (tutup je!)

melovesfood said...

mak aii ..melampaui batas betol la!! penutup aje RM50??!! dasat aa malaysia nye tax!

geraugebang said...

Kita pun ada pyrex..mak kita kasik...keji tak?

melovesfood said...

wahhhhh...itu namanye pyrex turun temurun.. agak2 kalu jual balik, confirm naik harganye.. ada historical value gituuu

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