Friday, 12 February 2010

A Meat-Lover, I am

Day 3, still feeling feverish. 
It's snowing again yesterday. That was the other reason I didn't want to send Mrkamahkamah to Hanny's.If I live in a terrace house, it would be no hassle to get rid of the ice on the car, just pour hot water. Since we're living in a flat, the idea of bringing hot water down to the car park was not a good one.

So, Mrkamahkamah stayed with his sick mommy at home. I was too lazy to prepare something for lunch. At this critical time, we really need something that is ready-made. Here you go, vegetable lasagne. I bought this in the past 3 weeks from Morrison.Simply put in the pre-heated oven for 30 minutes, done!

Although the lasagne contains the vegetables that I can eat (something that I won't craved for) like aubergine and pepper, I definitely would not buy the vegetable lasanga ever again! I'm truly a meat-lover person. I can only tolerate a bowl of salad without any meat and that's it. Rice served with vegetable, with no seafood or  any type of meat is really not my thing!

For Mrkamahkamah, I roasted few sausages and he had it with a cup of plain rice. To my surprise, he managed to finish his lunch, without getting any help from me.

Someone didn't attend my farewell party because he is on two weeks house-quarantine. He just had his Septoplasty and Turbinates Surgery. Oh, please enjoy the virtual laksa sarawak.

Add some sambal belacan and a little bit of  lime juice, walllahhhhh!!!


afendi ariff said...

jom gi Laksa Shack lepas nih...heh!

melovesfood said...

laksa johor dkt laksa shack sedap gileeeee!!!

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