Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Food Galore in London (Home Cooked, Tuk Din and MSD)

We started our day with a  heavy breakfast: Nasi goreng kampung, jemput-jemput with chicken curry and sambal sardin, chilli tuna in croissants and chocolate muffins.
The heavy breakfast made us delayed our visit to Tuk Din, ye la perut penuh wehh!!So, we went for a walk at green park heading to Buckingham Palace. Exercise lah sikit!
Focus on the jeans please, ahaks!!Menyesal pakai this new jeans because the jeans fit on me nicely, so no space for the inner leggings, kang nampak kembong pulak. In the end, I was the one who suffer. Kebas montot, sejokkk!!!
Brummies celup and Londoner celup!
After the so-not-sweating session,we headed to Tuk Din. The service was superb and the food arrived tanpa aku perlu rasa nak gi jenguk kat dapur.
Kangkung belacan.If and only if they have midin belacan, bahagianya!
Fried Seabass with Tuk Din Special Sauce. Yummy!!! We ordered Daging Salai masak lemak cili api, the taste was good but I found nothing special about it. But okla. Overall, we definitely will have our second visit to the restaurant. But if you're looking for real malay cooking, macam masak kampung gile,this is not the place. All I can say is, the food is masakan kampung but hotel version or in another words, healthy version. No minyak2 la
Then we went to MSD to take away my favourite dish, Asam Pedas Ikan Patin. Tapau the kuih-muih as well. The white-brown kuih is my favourite and the green one is T-bag's fav. Don't ask me the name of the kuihs, I only know how to eat it. Nganga mulut, geget la. Each kuih cost 50p. I think it's way too expensive. It should be 25p-35p, alah, alang2 three or four for a pound kan best.
Asam Pedas Ikan Patin.
I had been craving for Paru @ Lempong berlado since last Eid Fitr. Akhirnya,dapat makan!

Phew, I definitely don't want to weigh myself this week.
Ok, back to the track!! Let's control the carbs intake and work out!


Anonymous said...

lupa asal usul!!!
ka-su-i and seri muka!!!
(tang kasui tak berapa sure lak..sbb ada 2 lapis...)

melovesfood said...

bukan kasuii la ibusinga, kasui tu ada dessicated coconuts.. hehehe

Rozie said...

talam...kuih talam...awat hang lupa ka cek oiii? hehehehe

melovesfood said...

cek lupa.. lenkali cek dtg, cek tanya lagi.. hehehe

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