Sunday, 28 February 2010

Busy busy busy

Short entry.
Just got back from London.
T-Bag went to Stamford Bridge to watch Chelsea vs Manchester City. I was hoping there was a scene Terry and Bridge wrestled on the football pitch, but they weren't.
While Mrkamahkamah and me stayed in Rozie's place and spent time menganyam ketupat and membesarkan saiz pinggang.
Now, we're back in Birmingham.
Busy with packing: things to bring home and things to be left in Access Storage.
Believe me, almost half of things to be left in Access Storage were Mrkamahkamah's toys.
Busy cleaning the whole house, wash the carpet or else say bye-bye to house deposit.
No time to cook.
But nasib baik, ada banyak halal food in Birmingham.
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