Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Our favourite: Chilli Pepper Squid Fried Rice, Soya Cafe

My n-th time having this dish.
Indeed, our favourite even the kids love it (refering to Sofiya, Mileen's first born)

Eh, can you see the rice? This is called a hiding and cheating technique.
The cook hid the rice so that the person who eats it doesn't know how much did she eat. But it doesn't work on me.
Remember, the 5-tsps-of-rice-challenge!
I might fall for the trick if the cook put lots of shredded small chillies, my point of weakness. But manage to finish all the squids.Yummy!Kesian the nasi, menangis die.. eheheehe

Mileen and Fazira had this, King Prawns Satay Fried Rice.

Satay ? Not even close, at all!
More like schezuan sauce, but nice!
Only three king prawns, erkk!

Both of them ordered fried banana for dessert.

See, they sell fried banana in Birmingham.
Kalau org dah buat jual kuih abuk2 or kuih koci, baru le buleh kagum,

This is us. Ready to eat. FYI, the first time we have a picture together.

Ayu and Fazira. Ayu was on her 0-teaspoons-of-rice-challenge.. heheheh

Mileen a.k.a Bobot and me.
Ok, wanna go find cream to shrink my face into half. Too chubby!!!


Rozie said...

kalau amek gambar pakai dslr mesti tak chubby. hehehe

melovesfood said...

btol gak ckp ko zie.. tapi akak tak pandai pakai.. heheh.. kena mintak belas ihsan daddy yaya le nampaknye...hehehe

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