Monday, 18 January 2010

Food that are Made to Order/Buy

I will never ever learn to make the following food. Let the experts do their jobs sebab aku mmg/akan fail le buat benda ni. Plus, T-bag and Mrkamahkamah don't really like them, so it's not worth it bertukang dkt dapur berjam2, but no one will eat it after that.[All images are googled]

1. Scone. Discovered the "how to enjoy this bread" during EECE postgraduate Christmas party. Spread lots of Dairylea cream cheese and a teaspoon of strawberry jam, wallah!!

2. Croissants. No words to describe how I love croissants. Though the croissants are purely made from butter, I will still spread at least one spoonful of lurpak butter on top of it. The most scrumptious croissants I ever had was in Istana Hotel. We stayed there for 5 nights and I ate 1-2 croissants that were still hot every single morning, heaven!

3. Keropok Lekor. My favourite is keropok lekor losong but someone says that the losong one is losing its quality. I'm not sure about that. Oh yes, keropok lekor plus the sos cicah as well.

4. Lamb Stew served with a warm bun. Yes, I tried to make one earlier this month and T-Bag didn't really like it. Next time, if I really want to eat the lamb stew, just go to Secret Recipe. Heh!

5. Beef Lasagna. Tried a few times to make it, but it seems like I don't have the talent. The best lasagne is in Vivo Cafe, had more than a plate of it long long time ago. Good to know that they have a branch in KL now. You should also try their brownie. Double wallah!

Only 5 for the time being. Will added more later, saya mengaku nafsu makan saya sanggggaatttt besar, nafsu makan + shopping ok!.So, how about you all? What food that you didn't even bother to try searching for the recipe, let alone try making it but you really really enjoy eating it?  
Jgn ckp semua food, itu namo eh pemalas! Eh lantak la kalu pemalas pun, asalkan kocek penuh, leh makan kedai yg sodap-sodap!


kucingorengemok said...

roti, donut dan apa² produk menggunakan yis... tak pernah jadi (agak kena beli breadmaker baru jadi kot, hehe)

bapak kepada yahya said...

T-bag tu selera kampung kut, mana vogue macam awak, makan ala-ala hidangan hotel

melovesfood said...

KOG: alasan ler tu nak beli breadmaker, cheh!

T-Bag: terima kasih sebab saya vogue, awwwww!!!

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