Sunday, 31 January 2010


Went to Uniqlo, Westfield, London to return T-Bag's wrong size jeans that he bought online.
So, sambil menyelam minum lah air diet coke kan..
To my suprise, tadaaaaaaaaa....
 It's a skinny jeans, size 28.
No problems to wear it and to sit down.
In the store, it says 28=11, but when we checked it online, it's 12. 
Not sure which one is right.
Anyway, it's still a good news for me.

Then, we had our break at Cafe Concerto.
Share this with Rozie and Mrkamahkamah.
It's a slice of chocolate cake with slices of fruits in between layers, called Selva. Nice!

From Westfield, we went straight to Kadiri's to have our dinner plus to celebrate the size changes. The three of us ordered three SMALL(read:Malaysian portion) size mutton briyani and papadoms. At first the waiter sent the papadoms with three type of dipping sauces. Then, he put one plate each, in front of us. We didn't know what was the purpose. So, we buat bodoh.We just sit there without eating the papadoms, except for Mrkamahkamah. Then, the waiter came again and asked what's wrong with us. After that, he collected the plate back and then we knew that they thought we're having papadoms for our appertizer. Hek elehhh.. Patut la sebelum ni aku mengutuk kedai ko lambat, rupanya ko suruh aku makan papadom tu dulu, baru ko hidang nasi. cissssss!!! After that, he served the mutton briyani. Apekah?? Well, we're not used to the appertizer-main course-dessert style, ahaksss.... Anyway, the briyani was marvellous and I ate the whole SMALL portion which was obviously not equal to 5 teaspoons. I think it's 10 tablespoons. Ahhhh, dah sedapp, ko takkan nak jilat je sudu kan??? 

Went back to Rozie's place and the first thing that I did was to try again the jeans to make sure I still can wear it. Ye lah after a plate of briyani kan?Keji kan?


geraugebang said...

Sedapnya coklat, sedapnya beryani. Tapi, kalau kak gerau, Beryani tetap jatuh no 1.

melovesfood said...

sedaaaappp!! tapi ape pun sedap lagi beryani kat malaysia..hikhikhik

Anonymous said...

stret skinny!!
nampak tirus itu kaki...
rugilah macamtu papadom tu!!!

melovesfood said... btol! next entry nak tampal gambo kaki yg tirus.. hehehe.. nasib papadom tu die tak amik, agaknye die pelik tgk apehal kami tak makan2 gak papadom tu, so dia biarkan je..hihihi

Rozie said...

and all the briyani went to the street...sigh~~~

melovesfood said...

repeat the statement "takpelah nak, aunty tu dah biasa susah"..hikhikhikhik

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