Friday, 8 January 2010

The Blizzard,Lamb Tail, Lamb Stew and LeCreuset

UK has been hit by the blizzard and they say it is the worst since 1981 (Saya lahir tahun ni lah, ahh..dah tak muda dah).But it's not that bad in Birmingham compared to other places in UK, only 4 inches of snow and temperature plummeted to -6C (Manchester -13C!!). Newsflash, someone was so nervous driving in the heavy snowfall, few times skidded and after safely arrived at home, she broke down and cried. Funny it was but truth to be told, it was damn scary!!!

The forecast warns more snowfall on this coming weekends. Need to stock up our chicken, meat and fish supply. So, I went to my favourite butcher in Bull Ring Market and asked him "Do you have a lamb tail?" And that guy's expression was like "bia boto ko ni". Oh he didn't say that, instead he said "you cannot find the lamb tail here because no one eat it". Ok, I malu! I thought since they have oxtail, so there must be lamb tail lah kan. I went back home, googled and  "weh abg butcher, ada aa org makan tail lamb".To find out how to cook and eat lamb tail, look here.Ok, itu ayat cover malu (my first plan was to make lamb tail stew, errrkkk!!!) and I was so sure that butcher guy didn't watch the zimmern's shows.

So, we had the lamb stew. Been craving for this since last weeks.You can find the recipe in myResipi.

Had it with one slice of bread. Yum Yum!!

While I was cooking the lamb stew, I imagined if I have this LeCreuset casserole to cook the lamb stew. Perhhhh, I guarantee lah makin sedap the lamb stew even-though the cook forgot to add in the tomato puree and honey mustard (apa kena mengena the taste with the pot pun I don't know). Wink wink to TeaBag (a.k.a Mrgrammarindahouse, he asked for a new name). Too bad, it wasn't his taste. But me, I really like it!! Walllahhhhh!!

I like all their designs. Kalu dah beli ni, confirm masak lamb stew sekali seminggu, ahakss!!


Anonymous said...

beli periuk sebab tu kena masak stew or...
nak masak stew sebab tu lah nak beli periuk..??
copp...ekor kambing kan kontot??

kucingorengemok said...

o pakcik butcher pakistan pernah kasi kita paru FREE... org sana tak makan kot, eh... kita ok je, free plak kan :)

melovesfood said...

ibusinga: sebabnye nak beli periuk tu ler..hehehehe.. ekor kambing mmg kontot.. tak dpt de nak masak2 stew ni

KOG: paru kambing ke lembu?? kite carik tak jumpe la kat sini? teringin nak makan paru berlado

suami awak said...

T-Bag laa, teabag tu lain macam je bunyi nye

melovesfood said...

suami saya: okkkk!! silap eja!!

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