Sunday, 17 January 2010

Again, K.O and Orthodontic Headgear

Ayu and Mileen planned a family bowling day and a makan2 session right after that. We are not a good bowlers, we chose to join only the makan2 session at Kebabish Original.

Their manggo lassi was yummy compared to the one in Kadiri's, a perfect balance between sour and sweet. Love it!

ZigZig with his chicken nuggets and chips. The nuggets are delicious (I stole one from Mrkamahkamah's plate, Mommy had to do the quality check-up )

Mrkamahkamah with Sabryna.

This time T-Bag and me decided to have a Lamb Briyani. T-Bag asked for extra hot lamb briyani and they added cili padi burung into the briyani. Pedas gilaaaa!
Note to self: Don't EVER go to Pakistan's Restaurant for their Briyani. EVER!If you're going to have Briyani, choose Indian Restaurant like London Kadiri's Restaurant.

See, I cannot finish the Briyani. I know, table manners=0. The cutlery should be placed beside one another facing on the plate when you are finished eating.The lamb was not that succulent and it did stuck between my teeth. And if I still wear the dental braces, I'll sure sakit hati with the cook.  Luckily, I'm not.

Oh, have you seen people wearing the orthodontic headgear like this, going to the school (image googled)?

Adik dalam gambau ni sebenonye sengsara, senyuman itu adalah fake!

Believe me, my friends in Sekolah MARA Kuantan did witness this. Because I'm that girl! I was supposed to wear this for 18 hours per day. Just to push my jonggang teeth inside. And luckily I'm not that jonggang, so it took only 6-months in hell! At one time, I was too pissed with my dentist (because he kept marah2 every time I came to see him, dah gigi degil nak bergerak, lagi mau marah!), I had lunch with the headgear still attached to my teeth. To make things worst, I had a chicken (with bone, not a fillet, ko ingat makcik DS nak tlg kemas tulang utk ko, jgn harap!) for lunch. Aku makan dgn penuh perasaan,  gigit all the chicken bones, and my molar bracket broke into two. So, I end up seeing that dentist again that afternoon, and kena cerca semangkuk dua lagi.

Moral of the story: Encourage/groom your kid to be an orthodontic dentist. Banyak duit wooo!
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