Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year Resolution...

My new year resolution is to have a body like her..
Salma Hayek measurements :36C-25-37.
Mine: 36B-30-40

The first one needs to go one cup bigger. The only option is the breast enlargement procedure. It's not worth it since I'm not going to wear anything that reveals them to the world (ni rupanye niat ko ye..ish ish).

I need to shed 5 inches of my waist just to be like her. Whatt!! I just hate doing crunches!! But it is relief to know that my waistline is under the risk level. If your waistline is more than 32 (for women, some says 35)  and 40 (for men), you may already be on the road to diabetes or heart disease.
But ,I still need to lose few more inches, no excuse!!

And for the hips, only three inches to the target but it is sure damn hard to achieve. 

I'm pretty sure this resolution will never be fulfil even until 2020!
Tinggi cita2 mu nak!!

However, according to this website, the following is my body fat measurement:
Body Mass Index:  
26.1  kg/m2
Waist-to-Height ratio:  
Percent Body Fat:  
Lean Body Mass:  
91.6 lb
Plus, it says that
Your BMI is greater than normal, but your waist-to-height ratio is normal. You may be overweight or have unusual mass distribution. Your diet should contain at least 47 grams of protein per day.

Walllawehhhh!!! Unusual mass distribution tu! Obviously, since I have the child bearing hips, you know which part is out of proportion lah kan)

So, cancel lah to be like Salma Hayek.
I think 2010 will be wonderful if I can just be in the normal range. In my case, my weight should be less than 59kg and I need to lose 3.6kg more.
Yes, the main purpose is to make me feels good about myself, it's all about self-esteem babe!.
So, remember whenever you want to ask or give your opinions/comments (tak kesah la ko tanya die keje ape, dah beranak ke, bile ko bercerai, ko pakai keta apa, dah abis first degree ke blom, gaji ko berapa[rude oi tanya gaji org berapa!] and etc etc) to other people, make sure you think about what you will do to their self-esteem. Unless, that person really really really really close to you or dah mmg niat ko to make that person feels down.

But, in the long run, I just want to make sure that I tak sakit lutut dah tua nanti weh..
Pungkok besaq, kaki kecik!!!



Anonymous said...

kita pun unusual mass distribution!!!
30.5% body fat..and counting..
selamat tahun baru Mima!!

geraugebang said...

kalau 40 40 40 atau 50 50 50 lagi seimbang kan? macam tiang letrik? errr tu bukan ahkak. Itu tiang letrik kat belakang umah akak. ki ki ki..

melovesfood said...

ibusinga: okla tu, body fat ibusinga 3.1% less than saya.. hehehe.. Happy New Year ibusinga!!!

kak gerau: gomuk bona tiang letrik umah kak gerau.. confirm takde blackout lah area umah kak gerau...hikhikhik...

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