Saturday, 19 December 2009

My Night Time Saviour and The Side Stories

Central heating -ON
Portable heater - FULL BLAST
Underfloor heating - 80F
But you are still freezing.
[Well, you are truly Malaysian.
So, after 3 years plus, pandai2 la packing brg, balik Malaysia.
If you still wish to be paid in pound sterling, get a work permit.
No work permit-->Halal ke keje tu? You decide, ya?]

To make things worst, your bed feels like it had been soaked with ice.
Introducing, my night time saviour: 

Morphy Richard All Night Heated Underblanket.

Seriously, a must buy during winter season to help you hibernate happily.
Finally I can snooze off happily during the night without susah hati thinking "kenapalah aku gatal nak pi belaja kat sini".
Make sure you have a bottle of plain water nearby, you'll feel thirsty because of the heat.

I, once, had tried this product back in Malaysia.
A friend of mine promoted this product which was sold under one of the biggest MLM company in Malaysia.
The price was around RM1k.
 My friend's ruse is to let me try the product first.
It was good but spending 1k on a heated underblanket to get slimmer is just not my thing.
Plus, I'm not a MLM fan.
She is the only friend that works in MLM business whom I can still communicate with, without suffering from MLMphobia.
Because she never force me to sign up.
Don't bother to promote any MLM scheme to me or else any phone calls/emails from the promoter will not be entertained. 
Walaupun niat ko baik nak ajak aku mengeteh, sorry ye.

 Moral of the story: Go buy the heated underblanket and after three years, toss it in the bin and go back to Malaysia and help advise makcik/pakcik at the kampung to not terjebak dalam skim MLM.


Rozie said...

MLM sorg RM25 mcm mana pula? hehehe

melovesfood said...

itu kes mak yg nak untung cepat.. buat beli cendol dan ayam malek noor dkt pasar gesel, jasin...

kucingorengemok said...

orang UK pakai farenheit ke? orang guna celcius laa...

Ida Chan said...

waaa..gile sejukss ek? mkin ke cuace yg sejuk sgt tu wat ko jadi sakit pale? cian ko. tp..being in msia, still wish nk dok kt obersea he3, org xpnah g obersea la katekan :P esp bile cuace yg panas sgt smpai sibuk nk cari tempat yg ade ekon :D

melovesfood said...

KOG: ahakss... dah dok UK, skang feeling2 nak dok US plak...:P

Ida: bukan sejok buat aku sakit pala, maybe sbb aku tak mandi.. hahahah.. sejokkk ooo.. air panas pun tak cukup kasik aku warm.. org UK kaya wehh... luar+dalam rumah semua bawah 16 degrees,takyah pasang aircon gitu...heheheh

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