Thursday, 31 December 2009

My Favourite Dessert

Ripe papaya served with lime
(kalau ada limau kasturi, lagi best)
My abah, once, said that this dessert would cost around RM10++ in the hotel.
 That was last 10 years.
Ada lagi ke menu ni dkt hotel, tak penah nampak pun.


Anonymous said...

camna makan??
perah kat papaya??
psst...LoKong tgh cari sapa2 kat oversea nak cakap2 live kat TV??

Lady of Leisure said...

i tak penah makan papaya perah limau...
i balik kampung tadi my mil kasi papaya... i terus tanya kat hubby pasal perah limau ni.. dia pun kata ada kat hotel..
gehehe... tapi i tak penah makan.. hehe.. nanti ptg ni i try...

melovesfood said...

Ibusinga: a'ah, perah kat papaya tu.. hehehe..

nak ckp pasal ape kat tv? pasal boxing day? hehehe

LL: try la LL.. sedap!! rasa tak puas makan satu, tapi kalu makan banyak2, asik pegi toilet la pulak.. hehehe

Tijah said...

mcm best je nampak. kena try nih.
*tiba2 meleleh saliva...

melovesfood said...

try le kak tij.. sedap, tapi agak tidak senonoh rupo eh kalu nak hidang kek tetamu..mcmano la org hidang kek dalam hotel.. nanti keno tanyo abah den..

Anonymous said...

I was going to reply to another one of your posts but paya and lime is so good. I had to agree with you here.

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have a great 2010


PS Papya and cottage cheese with lime, although different, is also very good

melovesfood said...

Cottage cheese with papaya? sounds weird, but i'll give a try someday.. :)

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