Monday, 14 December 2009

Kadiri's Restaurant, London

If I were to choose between India and Pakistan.
I'll definitely choose India.
Not only because of Anil Kapoor (my all time favourite is Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai), but also the food.
I prefer briyani from Indian cook.

As I mentioned before, we have guests from Kuching.
We brought our guests to Kadiri's restaurant in Willesden, London for dinner.
The reason we chose Kadiri's was because of the Cat Steven's  testimonial that you can find in their website (ahakss).
Some says it's one of the best Indian restaurants in London, though they only have 32 seats.
We ordered lamb briyani, chicken thali, mushroom bhaji, keema nan and meat curry.

Chicken Thali (2 pharatas served with yoghurt, vegetable dhal and chicken dhal)

All were scrumptious.

However, I was already half full.
Because Rozie and Izza served cekodok pisang and jemput2 ikan bilis with sambal and the masak lemak leftover few hours before our dinner.
Tell me how can you compete with that?

So, I just ate 1 pharata.
We cannot finish the food (big portion!),
(Except for Mrgrammarindahouse. He was too hungry because of the shouting and singing at Stamford Bridge few hours earlier. buat penat je, seri pulak tu!).
The Kadiri's chef went out from the kitchen and asked whether was there anything wrong with all food.
We just said it's ok and smiled. Plus, we asked them to pack the meat curry leftover.
Kesian org tua tu, muka mcm kecik ati je.
After we settled the bill (it was quite cheap compared other restaurants that we have been),  they gave us After Eight minty chocolate and it was good!

Overall, the food=10/10.
The service was good but I gave 6/10 because it's quite slow.
We definitely will have our second visit next year!


Hjh Esah Jolie said...

memang sedappp tempat ni you. I was there couple of months back..after potong rambut kat High Road tu..

melovesfood said...

masa nak masuk dalam kereta, perasan plak kedai nama taste malaysia,bebtol tepi kadiri's ni, sedap tak mak ji? dah try lom?

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

kedai tu dah tinggal rangka..i think belum bukak lagi dah gaduh dgn tak jadi la bukak..heheh

kucingorengemok said...

hmm, betul la... tak pernah pikir mana lagi sedap, indian or pakistan food, yang penting chinese(/jepun/korea) tak berapa kena ngan tekak

melovesfood said...

hjh esah: lahhhh... nasib bait tak g tunggu depan kedai masa sabtu hari tu.. cisss...

KOG: haa kann... nampaknye KOG tidak berdarah zimmern.. heheheh

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