Monday, 28 December 2009

Hello Size 10! Bye Bye Size 10!

Clark's Village, Bristol was the destination for our first boxing day.
(Option utk student sengkek adalah outlet, bukanlah oxford street ok!)
Spent one night in the nearest hotel to the outlet.
Mrgrammarindahouse and Mrkamahkamah sent me to the outlet 10mins before the opening.
I had 3 hours by myself before the two of them joined me.
There were quite a crowd waiting for the NEXT outlet to be officially opened.
So, I joined the crowd the moment the outlet opened.
Spent 5 minutes in the shop, then I quickly let myself out because I was still not in the blouse hunting mood.
Went to Clark's to buy some presents for my loved ones.
Then straight to the not-so-familiar-store (aku tak penah masuk kedai ni ok!again, perak!) and wasted an hour picking up size 12 dresses from the shelves, only to found out that those dresses were soooo loose on me, my cleavage was dangerously close from being a public exhibition for all to see.
Katie Price I'm not, so I tossed the dresses aside, and started looking for size 10's, but alas! They don't have those dresses in size 10.
Darn! ... I'm now a size 10! Cancel la darn! Long story short. These were my only booties!

 Perut itu tidak mencerminkan seorang yg bersize 10, tapi itu semuanya silap posing! percayalahhhh!!!

 Cabot Circus. Not that hectic eh!

As I still want my dress, size 10 dress (ehem ehem), we drove to Cabot Circus for the second leg of the boxing day extravaganza. To my surprise, the price of the same dress was much higher even after sale reduction. But I guess that's why they called it bargain outlet shopping! So, dengan berat hati, I took the decision to not buy the dress (ahh, kemut nye aku). There's always another trip to the outlet shopping village. I guess I tak layak shopping di actual store, selamat credit card aku!
Then two quick stops at Tesco and IKEA. Just to abiskan duit balance dalam wallet, ahaksss!!

We were really famished after all the shoppings, so we decided to have our dinner at our favourite eating place in Bristol, Flavourz.
For only GBP11.20 per person (with 20% student discount, bestkan jadik student?time makan and shooping je la!) we ate to our heart's content.

Guilt-free after our melantak session but one thing for sure, bye bye size 10!
It was a fleeting encounter but we're not destined to be together!


y-not said...

wah best2 shopping.
sakan borong yer pn mimah

kucingorengemok said...

whoaaa, tak pernah kita shop banyak tu... i'm probably a 10-top, 12 or 14-bottom, hahaha lagi payah nak cari suit tu!

Anonymous said...

kita pernah pakai size 10 petite M&S...
long gone the days....
Sib baik tangan 2...jari sepuluh...
(mereferring ke foto orang bersize 10 itu...)

melovesfood said...

Yanot: sakan yanot.. kalau la kat malaysia, rega brg mcm ni.. mesti tak jadik invest, melabur ke shopping mall jek la.. hehehe

KOG: saya mmg gile shopping (btw, itu first round baru tu), aha ni kes size top and bottom yg berbeza.. takpe, janji masih lagi dalam size normal.. bukan 16 onwards..

ibusinga: hehehehe.. kalau tangan 3, lagi banyak hasil mahsul shopping saya...:)

Rozie said...

good2! join the size-10-club! I'm a 10-top, 12/14-bottom as well...haihhh~~~

green apple said...

herad about boxing day, katanya murah gila eh?

melovesfood said...

zie: percaya tak akak pakai dress size 10 (dah dress, for sure from top to bottom is 10 kan)? walaaweehhhh, seronok kejap, pastu lepas menibai makan, rasa takyah la masuk size 10. hehehehe.. zie, akak ada berita hangat,ahaksssss....

diana: yupp, murah sampai org sampai beratur nak masuk kedai (yg ni ada civic nye customer), bergasak2, bergesel2 plus bertumbuk2.. percaya tak?oh, itu berlaku di oxford st. je kot.. kat tempat lain takde plak mcm gitu... meh le bawak anak beranak shopping sini next year..

E.L.I.Z.A said...

hurmmm syiokkk gilo shopping!!!

weh, size 10 tu kiro gano?xreti aku

melovesfood said...

el, mu tgk sinih

Rozie said...

serious? bagus kak! go! go! size 10! sy mmg susah ar nk turun montot ngan peha ni, aset tu! nk diet balik, aiming for size 8! berita hangat ape? bak datang! gossips...i loike!

E.L.I.Z.A said...

ooo gituuu...patut la dlm american next top model tu sokmo duk sebut size 2..rupanye size 2 tu lagu tuh..oloh aku size 6 la gitu gaks...keno aim jgk la gini..aku nk size 4 =D

melovesfood said...

el, size 6 senang carik baju, size 4 sgt susah.. kalu kat mesia, mung paka size xs la dih?

E.L.I.Z.A said...

yoko..pelik nyoh!

isk kt mesia, size tshirt aku loni M uhuhuuhuh...aku berisi jgk mung weh..ada certain baju, aku keno pakai size L =(

sbb tu aku beriya jago body..aku nk menten balik pakai size S..

p/s: kalu baju kurung readymade tu memang aku pakai size XS

melovesfood said...

mung gi ZARA Malaysia, mung carik size 4.. confirm susah jupe.. hhehe

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