Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Feeling Chrismasy, Winter Theory and "Aku Perak"

When I have a chance to visit a new place, I would  love to try their signature food.
That's why I love to watch Zimmern's shows.
I always want to know what makes people eat turkey with cranberry sauce during Christmas, why eh?

Few weeks to Christmas and boxing day (ehem ehem).
Christmas means holiday, holiday means lots of food. 
So, there are many food promotions here.
and every time I've got Tesco/Sainsbury/Asda food promotion leaflets,
I drooled.

The promotion includes mince pies, cheese selection, apricot and cranberry turkey stuffing,  mini cottage pies, cheesecake and of course, the chocolate selection.
Still looking for restaurant serving halal Christmas food, ade ke? hehehehe

My winter theory:
The hypothesis is eat as usual,no diet required,but don't overeating, you'll get slimmer
With one simple condition: Switch off all heaters.
Any volunteers for the experiment?

Last week, -2 celcius.
Ice on my car.
Aku sungguh "perak", okay!


chuasteph said...

hey, careful, some minced pies has got alcohol. read label ya :D

Anonymous said...

santek keta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kucingorengemok said...

buat je desserts sendiri mcm rachel - trifle+minced meat pies... "tastes like feet" kata ross, hahaha

Lady of Leisure said...

i gi sana nampak ice lagi i perak sbb takpenah tgk seumur hidup.. hihi..

melovesfood said...

Steph: cannot buy the mince pies la steph, because not halal :(

Ibusinga: kalau darab dgn 6, saya nye keta lagi murah dari keta toyota ibusinga... hikhikhik..

KOG: erkkk.. bunyi recipe pun mcm tak best.. ahaksss

LL:ini baru nengok ice atas kereta.. kalu nengok snow, confirm meloncat2 saya ni...

sarukman said...

cerita pasal minced pies, teringat cerita sweeney todd: the demon barber of fleet street. sedap!

melovesfood said...

I feel you....Johanna
cite yg kejam tapi best!!! musical movie yg sgt best!

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